Apple M2 Chip Release Date, Specs, Price, and Everything

Apple M2 Chip
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Apple always comes into the market with new technology and leaves everyone behind. This year again, tech fans are sitting with the same hope for the Apple M2 Chip.

Are you a diehard fan of Apple Silicon Chipsets and searching for the Release Date of the new M2 Chip along with its possible products?

Do you want to know the Apple M2 Release Date, price, and Expected Features? And you are willing to have all this information gathered In one Easy Guide?  

Yeah, you are at the right place. Here you will get answers to these questions as mentioned above. Yeah, these answers include its Background, like When Apple Silicon M-Series Chips and their products launched? What may be the Release Date of the Apple M2 Chip? What is the Easy Explanation of the upcoming Apple M2 Chip’s Features like CPU, GPU, RAM, Neural Engine, Security Specs?

Apple M2 Chip and Apple Silicon M-Series Chips

Apple M2 Chip is a possible replacement for the Apple M1 series Chip, which was initially introduced in 2020. Before the Apple M1 Chip, Apple used Intel’s processors in its products.

Apple Silicon M-Series Chips are more accurately SoCs (System on Chips). Hence they are different from Intel’s processors. The primary distinction is its unified memory structure, which enhances its speed and efficiency to the utmost extent. This structure unifies different components like CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, Security Enclave, and RAM. Well, I will further explain them in a later section. 

Background of Apple M2 Chip

Apple introduced its first version of the M-Series Chip (M1) in November 2020. And it was used in Apple MacBook Pro 13-inches, Apple MacBook Air, and Apple MacBook Mini. Apple iMac and Apple iPad Pro launched in early 2021 with the same Apple M1 Chip. It had 7 8-cores CPU and 8-cores GPU, which was made on a 5-nanometer process by TSMC. 

In October 2021, Apple introduced Apple M1 Pro and Max Chips in its products like Apple MacBook Pro 14-inches and Apple MacBook Pro 16-inches. Apple M1 Pro Chip has a 10-cores CPU and 16-cores GPU. While the Apple M1 Max Chip has the same 10-cores CPU and enhanced 32-cores GPU.

In March 2022, Apple launched Apple M1 Ultra Chip with its brand new product Apple Studio. Apple M1 Ultra Chip came with a 20-cores CPU and 64-cores GPU. 

Now there are rumors of the upcoming Apple M2 Chip. According to some leakers, the Apple M2 Chip would have an 8-cores CPU and 9 10-cores GPU. This simply means that it’s not as powerful as the Apple M1 Pro and Max Chips, but it is undoubtedly better than its predecessor Apple M1 Chip.

Rumors about Apple M2 Chip Release Date

Predictions of Dylandkt

Famous leaker Dylandkt predicted on 5th July 2021 in his tweet that the Apple M2 Chip will come with the new Apple MacBook Air M2 in the first half of 2022. He also predicted the launching of the Apple MacBook Pro in Apple’s 2022 Spring Event with Apple M2 Chip. 

Ming Chi-Kuo’s Predictions

Tech heavyweight pundit Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that Apple MacBook Air M2 would come in the third quarter of 2022 with the new Apple M2 Chip. This prediction is somehow contradictory to Dylandkt’s one. 

Mark Gurman’s Predictions

Now the latest rumor has come from Bloomberg’s Analysts Mark Gurman. He has said that Apple is working on 9 new Macs powered by the next version of Apple Silicon M-Series Chips. 

These possible products are;

  • 1# Apple MacBook Air M2
  • 2# Apple MacBook Pro M2
  • 3 & 4# Apple MacBook Pro M2 14-inches and 16-inches
  • 5 & 6# two models of Apple Mini
  • 7# Apple Desktop Pro. 

Our Analysis of Apple M2 Chip’s Release Date

It is firmly believed that the new Apple M2 Chip will be made on a 4-nanometer process by TSMC. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing chips for Apple for a long time. 

TSMC has confirmed that working on a 4-nanometer process is not possible before august 2022. So I can say Apple M2 Chip will come in Apple’s October/November Event with new Apple MacBook Air M2 or Apple MacBook Pro M2 products in 2022.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 2022
Image Credit: Jon Prosser / RendersByIan

Apple M2 Chip Expected Features

Apple M2 Chip is 11% better in performance and 22% more power-efficient when compared with its predecessor Apple M1 Chip. That difference is because it will be made on a 4-nanometer process. Whereas its predecessor Apple M1 Chip was made on a 5-nanometer process by TSMC, other features are as under.

Apple M2 Chip’s CPU Power

We mentioned earlier that Apple M2 Chip has an 8-cores CPU like its predecessor Apple M1 Chip. But it is more powerful and power-efficient due to its manufacturing on a 4-nanometer process and will be best for video editing

Yeah, it’s not better than Apple M1 Pro and Max Chips. Because later are solid workstations. Whereas the former is considered basic consumer-centric. Pro Models come with their superficial cost. That is not the case with the entry-level Apple M2 Chip. 

Apple M2 Chip’s GPU

It is also mentioned that Apple M2 Chip’s GPU will be of 9 10-cores, which is slightly more than its predecessor Apple M1 Chip’s GPU. The reason behind slight advancement is that it is not for professionals. It’s for casual use where you get some extra grunt for graphic demanding tasks. 

Apple M2 Chip’s RAM

The Apple M1 Chip’s RAM remained at a maximum of around 16GB. Apple M1 Pro Chip had 32GB RAM. Apple M1 Max Chip had 64GB RAM. So the RAM of the Apple M2 Chip is likely to be around 16GB because Apple has to equip it with entry-level products that do not require so much RAM. 

Apple M2 Chip’s Neural Engine

Neural Engine is not a new phenomenon for Apple. They had used it in A-Series Chips a few years ago. Neural Engine’s main task is to accelerate machine learning processes. So it is beneficial in tasks like video rendering, image purification, voice recognition, etc. 

Apple M2 Chip’s Security Specs

Apple Silicon M-Series Chips have an in-built Security Enclave. It looks for faster securing with Touch ID and storage controller. You get AES encryption hardware that is a fantastic booster for SSD performance.


Final Words

So this was our All In One Guide For Apple M2 Chip. You may have learned some valuable information from this. 

If we get any new updates, we will inform you as soon as possible, so stay connected with us. Write in the comment box if you have any queries about the Apple MacBook Air M2, MacBook Pro M2, and Apple M2 chip. Thanks for reading.

Apple M2 Chip Release Date, Specs, Price, and Everything
Apple M2 Chip Release Date, Specs, Price, and Everything



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