Apple MacBook Pro M2 2022 Release Date and Everything we Know

Apple MacBook Pro m2 2022 release date
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Is the New MacBook Pro M2 Coming in WWDC 2022? Know everything such as Expected Features, Rumors, price, etc.

The Apple March event passed, yet there is no clue about when the new MacBook Pro M2 is coming? And what would be its Expected Features? What is the Reality of The New M2 Chip? What will be the Basic Difference Between Apple Pro m2 2022 and Apple Air Laptop Lineups?

These are some questions whose answers are in Rumors. This means nothing can be officially verified. But we have some information from some reliable sources that we will share here. So stay tuned till the end to get all answers to these questions in just one place.

Basic Difference Between Apple Air and Apple MacBook Pro Lineups

The Basic Difference Between both Laptop Lineups is not so complicated to understand. And also, we are not going to give you all the completed and detailed information regarding the specs of these Laptops here. You can have some idea from grasping this chart.

Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook Pro
Apple Air contains an M1 chip.Apple MacBook Pro contains M1, Pro and Max Chips.
It doesn’t have a mini LED Feature with a 120 Hertz Display. It has an LED Display. They have pro Display Features like mini-LED with 120 Hertz refresh rates.
It’s the lightest among the Apple laptop lineups. It comes in a 13-inch size.They come in 3 different sizes; 13-inches, 14-inches, and 16-inches.
There is no touchpad in it.They have touchpads.
Prices start from the $999 mark.Prices are around $1199, $1999, and $2499 for 13-inches, 14-inches, and 16-inches respectively.

The Reality of the New M2 Chip

Apple MacBook Pro is unique in the way that the new Apple Silicon M2 Chip powers it. It’s more powerful than the traditional Intel and AMD ones because it has a unified memory architecture and neural engine. This is why it has a promising performance boost with stunning power efficiency for tasks like machine learning, video editing, etc.

Yeah, it is not supposed to compete with Apple Silicon M1 Pro and Max Chips. Yet it is more powerful than its predecessor Apple Silicon M1 Chip as it has more GPU cores and will be built on a 4-nanometer process by TSMC.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 Rumors

Dylandkt is a famous Twitter leaker whose leaks about Apple products remained very close to reality. He said that the new Apple MacBook Pro M2 could come in the first quarter of 2022. But this time, he missed The March event came, and gone, and no, there was no launch of the Apple MacBook Pro M2.

Apple has a tradition of launching its products in mainly four annual events. WWDC is one of these annual events. Many Rumors are that Apple will launch its most awaited product MacBook Pro M2 at that event. What do you think about it? Let me know your point of view in the comments section below.

Ming-Chi Kyo is yet another reliable source from whom we can take information about future predictions of Apple products. He believes that the new Apple MacBook Pro M2 can come in the third quarter of 2022.

When will Apple MacBook Pro M2 2022 be Released?

I think Apple MacBook Pro M2 will not come before November 2022. Also, my logic about that conclusion is that it is going to come with new M2 Chips. M2 Chips are going to be made on TSMC’s 4-nanometer process, and that process is going to start after autumn 2022. So mass production and release of the Apple MacBook Pro M2 can only be possible in the late 3rd quarter of this year.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 Expected Features


All analysts are unified about one point regarding the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro release date and specs it will come with a new M2 Chip. We have briefly defined the power and reality of that Chip earlier in this article.

Simply put, it’s better than the M1 Chip but not more powerful than the M1 Pro and Max Chips. The reason behind that strategy is I think that Apple wants to make that product more affordable and budget-friendly for users like content creators and everyday workers.


We had seen before that the Apple MacBook Pro M1 supported 16GB RAM, M1 Pro Chip supported 32GB RAM, M1 Max Chip supported 64 GB RAM, and M1 Ultra Chip Supported 128GB RAM. I don’t think the M2 Chip, which is an entry-level Chip, can support more than 32GB of RAM.



Bloomberg Analyst Mark Gurman has predicted that Apple MacBook Pro M2 will not change its designs more. It will not have a mini-LED Display. Likewise, it will not contain ProMotion, which means 120Hz refresh rates. So it is going to have a cheaper IPS LCD Retina Display. The 60Hz display option is really not enough nowadays because it doesn’t provide a vivid experience to those who prefer to work from home.

Other Specs

According to Dylandkt, the ports and connectivity options of the Apple MacBook Pro M2 will be the same as its predecessor Apple MacBook Pro M1. He also said it’s going to be slightly costlier than its predecessor. DigiTimes’ report predicted that it would not come with a touch bar Feature, which is quite normal for many users.

Final Words

So overall, we have covered all the answers to the questions we raised at the beginning of this article.

Is not it?

Apple MacBook Pro M2 is predicted to come before November 2022. Its main difference is its brand new M2 Chip. Its design is going to remain the same as its predecessor. It’s slightly costlier.

We have tried to provide you with the best possible authentic information from solid and reliable sources. If you got some value from this article, save our website link and let me know what you think about the Expected Releasing Date and Features of the Apple MacBook Pro M2?

We will be happy to see your opinions in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 2022 Release Date and Everything we Know
Apple MacBook Pro M2 2022 Release Date and Everything we Know



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