Hello Neighbor 2: Release Date, Plot, Gameplay, and Updates

Hello Neighbor 2
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Hello Neighbor 2 is an upcoming stealth horror game developed by Eerie Bear Games and published by tinyBuild. The tinyBuild has released several updates for Hello Neighbor 2 leading up to its release.

Do you like watching horror movies in your free time? Would you like to play a horror-thriller investigative sandbox genre game like Hello Neighbor 2?

Yes, and want to know the release date, plot, gameplay, and all updates regarding the game in one easy guide? then you are probably at the right place.

Hello Neighbor Game Series: Basic Know-How 

It would be better to have basic game know-how starting from development. Dynamic Pixels, a Russian video game development team, developed the Hello Neighbor Game Series.

The American publishing company tinyBuild published alphas, betas, and complete releases of the Hello Neighbor game series. Alex Nichiporchik, the founder of tinyBuild, acquired Dynamic Pixels in 2020 and established Eerie Guest Studio to develop the most awaited upcoming game, Hello Neighbor 2.

Hello Neighbor Game Series: Timeline Of Past Releases

Hello, Neighbor 2 is a continuation of the Hello Neighbor Game Series. So for its deep understanding, we need to know previous games’ plots, gameplays, timelines of past releases, and all related stuff. Here is the chart of all past releases of the Hello Neighbor Game Series. 

Project NamesRelease Timelines
Hello Neighbor Pre-AlphaSeptember 2016
Hello Neighbor Alpha 126 October 2016
Hello Neighbor Alpha 222 November 2016
Hello Neighbor Alpha 322 December 2016
Hello Neighbor Alpha 44 May 2017
Hello Neighbor Full Release 8 December 2017
Hello Neighbor: Hide And SeekDecember 2018
Secret NeighborOctober 2019
Hello EngineerOctober 2021
Hello Neighbor 26 December 2022

Hello Neighbor 2: Plot

The game plot provides immersive effects, meaningful engagement, and a live community platform for die-hard gamers. Core analyses of Blizzard’s Overwatch Comic Series and live storytelling of Fortnite games are advancing the pure pleasure of playing these games.

So with that being said, it’s better to briefly understand the main plot of the Hello Neighbor Game Series releases. After it, we will switch to Hello Neighbor 2’s gameplay and updates.

Hello, Neighbor Game Series has many hours-long stories to explain. So let me be clear, we can’t exhaust the whole plot here. We will touch on the main story points, and this could be easily done if we understand the roles of some of its primary characters.

Hello Neighbor Game Series: Characters

Alright, so to better understand the Hello Neighbor Game Series’ plot, The names and brief introduction of the Hello Neighbor Game Series’s main characters are under.

Theodore Peterson

Mr. Peterson is the most important character in this stealth horror survival genre game. He had lost his wife in a car accident, and he had also borne the grief of his daughter’s death in another incident. Now he has only one son, which he doesn’t want to lose. That’s why he had hidden his son somewhere in his house. 

Mr. Peterson is very upset about all these tragic events, and he is not accepting that his family members no longer exist in the world. That’s why he had put posters on different places of Raven Brooks, his hometown. The missing person was scripted on those posters with his family members’ pics, whom he couldn’t forget. 

So in this game story synopsis, Mr. Peterson looked like the most important person because of his ill-minded behavior and hiding nature. 

Peterson’s Wife and Children

Diane Peterson was the beautiful wife of her husband, Mr. Theodore Peterson. This loving couple had two kids, namely Mya Peterson and Aaron Person. 

As cleared earlier that Mr. Peterson had lost his wife and daughter. He only had his son with him, and because of losing his mother at a very young age, Aaron became paranoid too. He accidentally pushed her sister from the rooftop, which caused her death. 

Mr. Peterson is hiding his son after these events as he suffered from the severe pain of losing his sweetheart and daughter. He was trying to keep his son safe from the reach of the media and police. 

Main Protagonist Nicky Roth

Nicky Roth, another kid, is considered the main protagonist of the Hello Neighbor Game Series, and he had a long story in the game series. 

Hello, the Neighbor Game story starts from the scene when Nicky Roth stopped at Mr. Peterson’s house while playing with a ball. He looked at Mr. Peterson’s home and thought about why Aaron and Dya were not seen for a long time? He thought it might be possible that Mr. Peterson hid them for an uncertain reason. 

Then he decides to sneak into Mr. Peterson’s home and try to solve the Raven Brooks’ mystery with his skills. In this adventure, he was caught by Mr. Peterson, and in that captivity, he had experienced nightmares, which defined the prequel story of the Hello Neighbor Game Series. 

Finally, he somehow escaped from Mr. Peterson’s captivity and house and started living in another apartment in the town where he became an adult.

But conditions forced him to come back and see the ruins of his childhood house and the house of his neighbor Mr. Peterson. Here again, he saw nightmares defining his fears of schooling, supermarket, and his captivity at Mr. Peterson. Finally, he wakes up, bypassing all these hurdles and worries behind.   

The protagonist of Hello Neighbor 2: Mr. Quentin

Mr. Quentin is the main protagonist who appeared in the beta version of Hello Neighbor 2. He is a sincere and daring journalist of Raven Brooks. And he wants to solve the mystery of missing people near Mr. Peterson’s house. 

And for that purpose, he secretly entered Mr. Peterson’s house for proper investigation, where he saw a crow-man doing suspicious activities. 

He thought the crow-man should be Mr. Peterson, and he is disguising himself for not being suspected in the missing persons’ case. The beta version ends when Mr. Quentin gets trapped by that crow-man.

Hello Neighbor 2: Other Characters  

Some more characters in Hello Neighbor 2 have their specific importance, but their role is less visible in the latest beta version of the upcoming game. They are the Mayor of Raven Brooks, an auntie working in a local bakery, and a strange taxidermist. 

Quentin was finding the whereabouts of the missing persons, including Mr. Peterson, and in that quest, he had to enter the Mayor’s mansion and auntie’s bakery secretly.

Hello Neighbor: Gameplay

This horror-thriller investigative survival stealth sandbox game’s gameplay is even more complicated than its long boring plot. In the earlier Hello Neighbor game, players had to play the role of Nikki Roth.

He wants to see his friends Mya and Aaron, who have been missing for a long time, and Nikki Roth is also of the view that Mr. Peterson had hidden his son Aaron in the basement. So Nikki Roth/Player had to find a way to go there silently and try to escape his friend from that confinement.

But in that procedure, he got caught by Mr. Peterson, and Now he has to escape himself first.

In another part of the game, Nikki Roth/Player had to escape from difficult emergent conditions, which emerged in his nightmares due to his fears of schooling, the supermarket, and the captivity of Mr. Peterson.

So overall, the gameplay was challenging, and players had to steal lots of keys, and objects and perform complex tasks for overall progression in the story and the game.

Hello Neighbor 2: Gameplay

In the beta version of Hello Neighbor 2, released in April 2022, the main protagonist was Mr. Quentin. So players have to play their role by being Mr. Quentin in Hello Neighbor 2.

It means you are going to be a detective simulator in the game. You have to investigate the prime culprit of the missing persons and the involvement of Mr. Peterson in it. So for that reason, you had to find a covert way of entering Mr. Peterson’s intrigued home.

Likewise, you must get clues from all the Raven Brooks and not only from the neighborhood. This means you must interact with different AI-driven characters in a purposeful mindset. Also, we had to inquire about the mayor’s home, bakery, and other locations.

Hello Neighbor 2: AI-Driven Characters

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor 2 is also unique in the sense that players have to defeat AI-driven characters. Mr. Peterson, Mayor, Bakery Auntie, and Crow-man are all connected in a neural network of artificial intelligence. They learn from players’ activities and movements, and their collective purpose is to abstain you from discovering their secrets.

So players must be cautious not to come into the eyes of these AI-driven characters. After every catch, they become aggressive in their manners, and they perform differently. So the only winning position for the players is that you should get smarter than them.

Hello Neighbor 2: Updates

Experiencing is believing. You can’t imagine quite correctly what type of that game will be by just reading the plot, the roles of the primary characters, and the gameplay. So it is highly recommended that you try and play that game at least once.

After having said this, we get back to the next topic, which is updates about Hello Neighbor 2. So the first update of the game is regarding its release date.

Hello Neighbor 2: Release Date and tinyBuild Announcements

On 7th April 2022, preorders for Hello Neighbor 2 were officially allowed by tinyBuild. They also announced that Hello Neighbor 2 would be released in two editions; the deluxe edition on 1st December 2022 and the standard edition on 6th December 2022.

What is The Difference Behind Both Editions?

Yeah, there is a significant difference in both of these editions. The first difference is the price tag. You can get a deluxe edition worth US $60 and a standard edition worth US $40.

The second difference is in their offerings. The Deluxe Edition offers you more than that the standard edition. On placing your pre-order for the deluxe edition, you get Hello Neighbor 2 with its exclusive beta version and its three DLCs at once. Their names are Back To School, Late Fees, and Hello-Copter.

Also, you get all this stuff 5 days before the release of the standard edition. What do you need more? Go ahead and place your pre-order for the deluxe edition.

So the standard edition offers you full access to Hello Neighbor 2 with only the exclusive beta version and no more DLC like those provided by the deluxe edition.

You get all your stuff on 6th December 2022. Well, it’s not too late. If your budget is tight, wait and have fun with the beta version after placing a pre-order.

Is the Beta Version of Hello Neighbor 2: A Spoiler of The Main Story?

Nope, tinyBuild has confirmed on its stream event on 7th April 2022 that the beta version is not a spoiler of the main story of Hello Neighbor 2. It means it’s not a part of the main story but a standalone version. It was released for the fans who want an idea of what they will experience in the upcoming full version of Hello Neighbor 2. 

Is Something More Announced?

Yeah, if you have extra cash and have the guts to spend it for further pleasure, you can get two merchandise products from the Hello Neighbor 2 franchise. Yeah, you can have an Imber Plushie for US $20. In addition to it, you can also purchase an eight-pin set of Hello Neighbor 2 for US $65. Awesome deal! Get it.

Finally, it is worth noting that on 6th December 2022, Hello Neighbor 2 will be available on platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS 4, PS 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Final Words

Although the Hello Neighbor Game Series got negative reviews from many rating authorities, we have huge hopes for the success of the upcoming Hello Neighbor 2 game. Critics criticized its lengthy, complex, boring story with challenging puzzles and slow gameplay, but many admirers praised its superior artwork too.

After watching some beta gameplays, some questions have emerged. Like why has Mr. Peterson disguised himself in a crow-man costume? Why are they kidnapping people? What happened to Aaron and Nikki Roth? And where is this sequel going to conclude?

Well, answers to these questions are a matter of playing the full version of Hello Neighbor 2. So if you enjoyed reading today’s article and got some valuable information, kindly share it with your friend circle.

We will love to read your comments regarding our work. Thanks for reading.

Hello Neighbor 2: Release Date, Plot, Gameplay, and Updates
Hello Neighbor 2: Release Date, Plot, Gameplay, and Updates



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