Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date, Features, Price and More

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date Features Price
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Are you looking for the best slim and ultra-weight laptop for your tasks in 2022? Are you willing to see the alternative of Apple MacBooks in this domain? Would you like to glance at Microsoft Surface Laptop 5’s Features to find your ideal ultraportable device?

This guide will share all about Microsoft Surface Laptop 5’s expected features, release date, price, wishlist, and many more. So be with us till the end to learn all these things in one easy guide.

Why do Microsoft Surface Laptop Lineup Populared?

Microsoft Surface Laptop Lineup is famous for its slim and ultra weight design and offers premium features at mid-range prices. Dell and Apple MacBooks are considered their competitors in thin form factor with their attractive aesthetics and power packs.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Lineup started releasing its initial product 5 years back in June 2017. Then Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 came in October 2018. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 launched in October 2019. The last product of this lineup, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, was there in April 2021.

There was no major difference in the features and designs in all of these products. They happened to refresh themselves with minor advancements, and we’re not bringing revolutions. But this most anticipated Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 may be a trend breaker if the rumoured spec sheet from Windows Prime is true.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Pricings

As we know, this laptop lies in the midrange lineup. So we are not hoping for a major difference in its pricing compared to its older versions. But we can see a little hike in its prices due to two factors; global chip shortage and expected advanced features shown in Windows Prime’s spec sheet.

Let’s have a look at the pricing of its older versions. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop 1The US $800
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2The US $1000
Microsoft Surface Laptop 313.5-inches = the US $100015-inches = the US $1200
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4The US $900The US $1200
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 (Expected)US $1000 to US$2000

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Features Expected
Image Credit: Windows Prime

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Features: Expected

We have no sources for revealing Microsoft Surface Laptop 5’s expected features except Windows Prime‘s published spec sheet. Surely it is a little sceptical because Windows Prime is not popular for leaks like that, and it is the sole source on such a subject. But if it is right, we expect these features in Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.


It is revealed in the spec sheet of Windows Prime that the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 will be equipped with the latest chips of both AMD and Intel. This means you will see Intel 12 gen i5 chip for 13.5-inches and Intel 12 gen i7 chip for 15-inches. Likewise, in 13.5-inches, you will see AMD Ryzen 5 6680U, and for 15-inches, you will see AMD Ryzen 7 6980U, which will be nothing but a promising performance boost. 

New Improved Design

Microsoft Surface Laptop Lineups are always praised for their cleanliness and sleek designs. Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 will come in two sizes, 13.5-inches and 15-inches. Former will have 2256×1504 resolution and later will have 2496×1664 resolution. Both products are going to come with a 3:2 aspect ratio, a 1500:1 contrast ratio with PixelSense Flow 120 Hz. 

Connectivity Options

You will see these connectivity options in Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

  1. Two Thunderbolt 4.0 or USB 4.0 ports.
  2. One USB Type-A port.
  3. One 3.5mm audio jack.
  4. One Surface Connect port.
  5. Wifi 6.
  6. Bluetooth 5.1

RAM And Storage Options

Ram will be 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB in the form of LPDDR4X. Likewise, Storage options can go to 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. 

Battery Life

The battery Life of Microsoft Surface Laptop 5’s models can be around between 53Wh-58Wh. Depending on processors and size configurations, this can be translated into 17.5 to 21 hours.

Better Webcam

Microsoft Surface Laptop Lineup remained stuck on a 720p webcam in older models. And now it looks like they have sensed the reality that the trend in 2022 is of 1080p webcam. So we can see that thing which is the most awaited feature in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date

There is no official announcement from the company about the release date of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. So we can have ideas either from past releasing schedules or from some market leak.

As we mentioned earlier, the company has weird releasing schedules for its products. And there is also a global chip shortage going on. We can’t accurately predict when it will come.

Windows Central is an online platform of Microsoft that reveals all features, news, and information about the Microsoft company and its products. Zac Bowden, who is a senior editor there, has predicted that Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 will be released somewhere in the second half of 2022.

Our Wishlist for Upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

So these were the expected features described in Windows Prime’s spec sheet. But we will also present here our Wishlist of features that we want to see in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

Smaller Bezels

We do not see any change in bezel sizes since the very first model of the lineup in 2017. Thinner bezels mean increased screen size. Smaller Bezels are the need of the hour for providing a better experience to the professionals who prefer to work from home. Microsoft should consider this feature in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. 

Other Specs

Other specs in our Wishlist are more ports with mandatory thunderbolts. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 had really low ports compared with our competitor’s products. Likewise, a better webcam is a deserving feature we want to see in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

How much will be the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 price?

When you decide to purchase a Microsoft Surface Laptop 5, you’ll want to consider the device’s price and the cost of accessories and software. The base pricing for a Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is expected to be between $1000 and $1,299.00, with extra accessories costing more depending on the device.

Final Words

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is likely to hit the market this year, with a price range of $1000 to $1200. The laptop will have a new design, a better keyboard, and a more realistic stylus.

Furthermore, it is expected to include lighter weight and longer battery life. There are limited specifics on the Surface Laptop 5 available, but we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Do you have any inquiries regarding the Surface Laptop 5? Please leave them in the comments section below, and we will do our best to respond.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date, Features, Price and More
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date, Features, Price and More



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