Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Release Date, Specs, and Price

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Microsoft is celebrating its 10th anniversary of launching surface hardware products in 2022. However, surface hardware products have not yet gained as much success as Microsoft Operating System possesses, which has a 73% market share in the computer industry.

All in all, Microsoft had some unique surface laptop series, which masters fulfill the different needs of varied customers. The Surface Laptop Go series offers laptops that work awesome every day and everywhere; perhaps Microsoft claims such.

Their First Surface Laptop Go model was launched in October 2020. At that time, it received massive success. It had the 10th gen i5 Intel processor, the latest of that time, 12.4-inches display with sub HD resolutions. The deal breaker was its price. $550 for all these features was the main reason behind its popularity.

Now, the time has changed, and Processors have evolved. Competition in low price laptops is tough. Many brands are offering better configurations at reasonable prices.

So it would be better for Microsoft to consider all these updates before launching Surface Laptop Go 2 because they have a trend to do lesser or minimal changes in refreshes.

According to the sole source of authority, WindowsCentral, minor upgrades are likely to be added in the upcoming highly-anticipated Surface Laptop Go 2.

So in today’s easy guide, we will likely discuss the release date, prices, specs, and wishlist for Surface Laptop Go 2. Stay tuned to get relevant information in jotted points.

Surface Laptop Go 2: When will It be Released?

Microsoft has not officially announced the release date of the upcoming Surface Laptop Go 2. This series had only one model, the very first Surface Laptop Go. So we can’t predict its release date from past patterns either.

So what option do we have left to know its release date? On 12th April 2022, senior editor of Windowscentral, Zac Bowden, published his article about everything related to the newly coming Surface Laptop Go 2.

According to his secret sources, Surface Laptop Go 2 will be launched around June 2022. Microsoft has a tradition of launching many minor products in the spring season too.

Microsoft has updated all its Surface products in recent times except Surface Laptop Go 2. Two years is a long time for any laptop to be updated. From all this, we can expect June is the release month of Surface Laptop Go 2. 

Surface Laptop Go 2: What Would be Its Price?

The same thing comes again, no official announcement, no more rumors about price tags. Again we have only one source of information to refer to the price tags of Surface Laptop Go 2. 

So, according to Zac Bowden, the most awaited Surface Laptop Go 2 has the same price tags as its predecessor had. There were three price configurations of Surface Laptop Go. Let’s have a look at the chart of price tags with specs configurations. 

$5504GB Ram, 64GB eMMC Storage with no fingerprint sensor
$7008GB RAM, 128GB SSD Storage with a fingerprint sensor
$9008GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage with a fingerprint sensor

With only one exception that Zac Bowden said that you may get 128 GB Storage in the base model at the same price. But, again he was reluctant to confirm that good news either.

Surface Laptop Go 2: Expected Specs?

What do you want in the specs of the upcoming Surface Laptop Go 2? Yeah, I know you want a better processor, advanced graphics, updated design, and better display. But you may get disappointed that Microsoft is not giving you all these things in the upcoming Surface Laptop Go 2.

They are going to give you just two things; an 11th gen i5 Intel processor and one new color variant, which is called sage, a green shade.

Yeah, we expected that it should come with a 12th gen i5 Intel processor. But that will raise the price of the 1.1 kg lightweight Surface Laptop Go 2, which is not a suitable decision for the company to take.

Surface Laptop Go 2: What Do You Want To Be Included In it? 

It is a well-known verse by famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

“I have thousands of such wishes that every wish can take my life.”

So like this verse, we know that not every wish of ours will be completed. But we will present some of them here. 

  • Latest Alder Lake 12th Generation i5 Intel Processor

Although the 11 gen tiger lake i5 Intel processor is far better than the 10th gen’s one, loyal Microsoft customers would get extra happiness if they get the Alder Lake 12th gen CPU. 

  • More Ports and Windows 11

If nothing is going to be changed in the design of the Surface Laptop Go 2, we will see the same port options; one USB type-A port, one USB type C port, One audio jack, and one charging port, namely Surface Connect.  

It’s ok to have such port options in low-rate products. But if Microsoft adds one Thunderbolt 4 port, it would please many customers. It would enable them to connect with two 4k monitors and 40GBPS data transfer. The upcoming Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 should come with the windows 11 OS.

  • Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU

There was no better option for graphics than the predecessor of Surface Laptop Go 2. But now Intel has revealed its latest GPU, namely Arc Alchemist. Now fans would pay some extra bucks if they get more value from their money.

Final Words

Microsoft should not launch the upcoming Surface Laptop Go 2 with just two minor upgrades. Indeed, they should try to balance their limits by offering the best possible specs.

There is tough competition in the low-cost laptop markets. Apple, Dell, and Asus are all launching low-budget products in 2022. Microsoft can’t compete with them through minor enhancements.

So it is recommended that they hear the demands of a backlit keyboard, ditch the Surface connect port, and add extra features that we discussed earlier. 

So this was all about today’s article. If you got some meaningful info out of this, do let us know by commenting in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Release Date, Specs, and Price
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2: Release Date, Specs, and Price



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