Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date, Specs, and Everything

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date, Specs, and Everything
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It is highly speculated that Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is released on October 12th, 2022 with updated specs. There is an official announcement about its release date and that is October 12. So for getting ideas regarding these things we need to look for older patterns of product refreshes and specs of its popular predecessor Microsoft Surface Pro 8.  

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was equipped with deserving upgrades. It came with a tiger lake Intel processor which was the latest of that time. It was upgraded to a 120 Hz display with smaller bezels which was in dire demand by pro devices. 

It provided 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports which were as necessary as any feature could be. It was the first device to run Windows 11 operating system. Which was considered a major development. It provides you with the facility of a removable SSD. 

So having mentioned them we are pretty much assured that Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will not come less than its predecessor. And, yeah there is a big room for advancements in features which we will discuss in the ending section of this all-in-one easy guide.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Release Date 

Microsoft released the new surface pro 9 on October 12, with advanced updated specs.

We can see Microsoft is very consistent about releasing Surface Pro Lineup products on a yearly basis. From 2013 to 2021 there happened to be one product released each year except in 2020. Yeah, that year was massively hit by a pandemic and cut off the global supply chain system. 

But here is one more thing to ponder at. Microsoft has also plans to release its new product this year namely Microsoft Pro X. And there are some changes that Microsoft would not go for releasing two pros in one year. And if this reasoning is right then we should expect the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 in the first or second quarter of 2023.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Pricing

As we don’t have the official information about the possible pricing of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, we can’t disclose its price without confirmation. But if we opt to predict it from older patterns, we can see there have not been many variations in the pricing of this lineup’s products. Just have a deep look at this chart. 

Product NameProduct Pricing
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 The US $800
Microsoft Surface Pro 6The US $900
Microsoft Surface Pro 7The US $750
Microsoft Surface Pro 7+The US $900
Microsoft Surface Pro 8The US $1000

These pricings are without include the rates of type cover keyboards and stylus. For having them you need to pay extra money around US $200. So we can predict that the pricing of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 would revolve around US $1100 to US $1400 depending on which specs it is configured with.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Specs

The same disclaimer comes again when we are intended to talk about the specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. Nothing is officially announced regarding this domain as well. So we can assume that its expected features will not be less than that of its predecessor Microsoft Surface Pro 8. 


The performance of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is going to be better than its predecessor. Because it is rumored that Microsoft will use Intel’s latest 12th generation Alder Lake CPU in its upcoming product. 

These processors are tough competitors of its rivals namely Apple’s M1 Pro and Max Chips. Because they have the same unified hybrid structure of high-performance and high-efficiency core units. This advancement will also provide extra longevity to its battery life which can go up to 16 hours.  


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 did well in its design department. Before such an evolution this lineup was very behind in this aspect and was deserving of it. So we can say that the design of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is not going to be much more varied than its predecessor. We are likely to see changes in its internals more than its external design. 

This means Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will have the same 13-inches display with 120 Hz adaptive refresh rates and smaller bezels just like those of its predecessor. It is also predictable that we experience the same connectivity options like 2 Thunderbolt 4 and USB Type C ports with one Surface Connector port. 

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Wishlist

Before diving deep into our Wishlist as to what we want to see in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 9, I would hope that it should not compromise on any aspect of features from its predecessor Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Although its predecessor has provided a lot of deserving features. We recommend some more specs as our wishlist in this section.

5G Enabling

Microsoft Surface Pro 9’s competitor brands like Dell, Apple, and Lenovo are offering 5G connectivity in their products. Therefore Microsoft should pay heed to that demanding feature of 2022. 

Ditching Surface Connector Port

Surface Connector Port looks useless when we have Thunderbolt and USB Type C ports for data transfer and charging purposes. So either Microsoft has to increase its bandwidth or ditch it completely. 

Bundle The Costs Of Type Cover Keyboards and Slim Pen With The Main Product

Type cover keyboards and slim pens are two indispensable components of any 2-in-1 product. Charging extra for them is irritating for many customers. It is better to bundle their cost with the main product Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

Final Words

So this was our all-in-one easy guide about the release date, pricing, expected specs, and many more about the most anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 9. I hope you enjoyed reading till the end. If you get some value out of it, comment to us in the comments section below. We will welcome our reader’s views about our work. Once again thanks for reading.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date, Specs, and Everything
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date, Specs, and Everything



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