Microsoft Surface Pro X 2: Release Date, Price, and Everything

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2
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Surface Pro X came with high expectations; although it achieved some success, it was not super-duper in many features. Time has changed for ARM-based products. If Surface Pro X 2 wants to counter Apple Pro M1 or M2 products, then it certainly needs to do hard work to overcome past compatibility and performance issues.

So in today’s article, we will unveil these topics; positive sides of Surface Pro X, its awful stuff, expected features in Surface Pro X 2, its release date and pricing, our wishlist, and many more things. Stay tuned till the end to get some deeply researched content in a single place.

Positive Sides of Surface Pro X

Before commenting on the positive sides of Surface Pro X, let me recall that it was not the first time Microsoft tried to play with ARM-based chips in their products.

In 2012 Microsoft launched its first native ARM operating system, Windows RT, and it failed in 2015 because it delivered nothing.

In 2016 Microsoft launched Windows 10 on ARM. It gained some success. Intentions were clear that they needed smartphone-type benefits like long battery life, LTE connectivity, etc., in laptops.

Then in 2019, Microsoft launched Surface Pro X with high expectations. Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2 chips powered this product. These chips were modified versions of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8CX Gen 1 and 2.

At the time of its launch, Surface Pro X was predicted to hit smashing success because of a few unique positive sides. These unique positive sides include; that Apple was not in the ARM-based industry; it had better battery life and cellular connectivity options.

These processors also helped to give it a brand new lightweight design of approx 750gms with no need for fans and cooling vents. So it had high expectations of success, but what happened later?

Bad Stuff of Surface Pro X (Compatibility Issues)

Surface Pro X was highly criticized because of the big C, which means compatibility issues. Many valuable apps like Adobe, Photoshop, Lightroom, Dropbox integrated with Internet Explorer, Premiere Pro, etc., were either not completely running, or some were running with emulation and with unforgivable speed. Even many 64-bit applications are denied from being used in Surface Pro X.

So with such a premium and high price tags and lower performance of software, Surface Pro X had disappointed many customers. And if Surface Pro X 2 has to make its way in the ARM-based market, then it must overcome all these compatibility issues.

Expected Features of Surface Pro X 2

It is highly believed that Microsoft will make the Surface Pro X 2 identical to its predecessor. There is not going to be any significant design change. Yeah, performance and compatibility departments are going to be necessarily enhanced.

It would be better to know the features of Surface Pro X Because they are likely to be the expected features of its successor. So simply count them as the expected features of Surface Pro X 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 features

Improved Design

Surface Pro X 2 will be much thinner than its predecessor pro lineups (Surface Pro 6, etc.). With more reduced bezels and curves around the edges, it’s a go-anywhere and do-anything product.

Its 13 inches screen is blessed with bright and beautiful colors. It gives excellent resolutions, and its 3:2 ratio is my favorite feature because it provides extra vertical space, which looks incredible for browsing, coding, or just watching movies on screen. 

Surface Pro X 2: Type Cover

Surface Pro X 2 will be a 2-in-1 detachable device. Its type cover keyboard comes with two magnetic hooks—one for hiding the Stylus. And second for nominal hooking of it with the main device. This unique idea also mesmerized many people.

Well, speaking about type covers, it’s sleek and compact. It has backlit keys with a more responsive feel. Its glass trackpad is smooth, and the click action is decent. Its optimum key spacing assures fast and accurate typing. You can choose your choice of colors. And because of all these things and full function row, it’s not less than any full mechanical keyboard.

Upgrading Stylus

Surface Pro X 2 has a secret compartment for its brilliant, highly responsive lovely Stylus. The unique thing about this great Stylus is that it pairs and charges wirelessly in the space precisely placed between the keyboard and primary device.

So in that way, it’s always safe and secure as you do not have to stick it to the sides of the laptop. And also, it’s always ready to give you an immersive experience of drawing or taking notes because it offers 4096 levels of pressure on the 10-touchpoint PixelSense screen. 

Clear Front and Rear Cameras

Surface Pro X had mind-blowing front and rear cameras, which will be the same as the Surface Pro X 2. The 5-megapixel front camera with a separate IR sensor allows you to use the Windows Hello face authentication feature.

This most impressive camera gives you 1080p HD quality footage and adjusts automatically with every lighting condition to give your facial skin the best possible natural reflection.

Surface Pro X 2 will surely give you a 4k video quality shot because of its 10-megapixel autofocus rear camera. With any wide-angle, you can have the best experience of Zoom and Skype meetings and scanning any important document. This rocking feature is unavailable to many products besides Surface Pro X 2. 

Quality Sound

Surface Pro X came with dual far-field studio mics, which gives you a sensational punch in your video call voice. And you get 2W Dolby Audio sound stereo speakers that will be a stunning source of pleasure when watching movies or music of your desires.

The only problem with the Surface Pro X was that it didn’t have an audio jack. So if you want to pair your headphones, you need to connect them with a wireless Bluetooth feature or via a USB-C port. And we can hope that this feature can be added to the Surface Pro X 2. 

Latest Connectivity

Microsoft claims Surface Pro X as the best pro for connectivity because it gives you advanced connectivity features of Wi-fi 5 and Bluetooth Wireless 5.0 technology.

Plus, you have optional Gigabit 4G LTE features with nano sim and e-sim slots. All these things are nothing but an excellent remedy for fast, reliable, and consistent connection with blazing speed anywhere.

Because of these features, you are free from draining your battery because of hotspot or tethering issues. So these are the cool things in the Surface Pro X 2, which you will surely enjoy while chatting, streaming, or working without any expected interruption. 

Faster Ports

Now in Surface Pro X, you can see 2 USB type C ports, 1 Surface Connect port, and 1 Surface keyboard port with one nano sim slot. Surface Pro X had a better port choice, but it’s not the best we want to see. Well, we will discuss it on our wishlist later.

You don’t have USB type A in Surface Pro X which is fantastic. But not having thunderbolt ports and an audio jack in Surface Pro X 2 would be a matter of our concern. 

Improved Battery Life

ARM-based products have outclassed battery lives; at least their developers claim so. Microsoft claimed 13 to 15 hours of battery life for Surface Pro X. But it’s not the complete truth for all.

Many customers of Surface Pro X claimed to have 8 to 9 hours of battery life with nominal usage because most apps are running on emulation. And most emulation Apps drain more battery than normal usages. The situation would get better when developers port full native apps for ARM structures. 

Final Expected Features of Microsoft Surface Pro X 2

My final take about expected features of Surface Pro X 2 is that whatever features we have discussed here before are identical to Surface Pro X, Which means they would remain the same in the Surface Pro X 2 as they were in its predecessor.

What more enhanced features of Surface Pro X 2 are about its performance. The original model used SQ1 and SQ2 processors. It is highly believed that Surface Pro X 2 will be powered with SQ3 because Qualcomm has recently announced launching its new 8CX Gen 3 chip.

So there will be a 65% boost in the CPU performance, an 85% boost in the graphics performance, and the AI performance will triple from the Surface Pro X to the Surface Pro X 2. But it would be a matter of watching how it will compete with Apple’s M1 and upcoming M2 products in 2022. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2: Wishlist

Many loyal users of Microsoft Surface brands, and we are deeply waiting for the launch of the Surface Pro X 2. But more or less, we have similar wishlist features for it, including these; 5G, thunderbolt, higher refresh rate display, variety in colors, Windows 11, etc. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 Wishlist: 5G

Sorry to say that Microsoft has always seemed reluctant to adopt modern features in their products early. What we have seen in the Surface Pro X is that it was powered with a 4G LTE feature. So it’s not going to be a big deal if we wish for a 5G feature in the Surface Pro X 2.

We know that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3 chip does not have a 5G modem integrated with it. But its modified version Microsoft SQ3 could easily translate to 5G because it is believed to be a 5G processor. And we also have to see which option it will opt for between mmWave and sub-6Hz bands. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 Wishlist: Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is always on top of my wishlist for Surface Pro X 2. Apple uses it in their products; that’s why they are far ahead then Microsoft. 

Why can’t Microsoft take the lead from Apple in introducing Thunderbolt in Surface Pro X 2?

Thunderbolt 4 gives you 40Gbps data transfer speed by connecting two extra 4K display monitors or one 8k display monitor. You can get native support for many peripherals, including external GPU options. 

So there is no need to have further light on the benefits of a Thunderbolt, and We wish Microsoft would accept our desire for the upcoming Surface Pro X 2. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 Wishlist: Higher Refresh Rate Display

Microsoft has come to realize that higher refresh rate displays are in the trending demand among PC users. 120 Hz refresh rate should not only be allocated for higher gaming experiences.

Many developers have realized that a 1080p HD webcam is inevitable for their laptop products. It’s also possible that they don’t differentiate between $300 smartphones and modern laptops in providing better refresh rates. So we expect such a feature in Surface Pro X 2 too. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 Wishlist: Variety In Colors

Surface Pro X came in two colors; matte black and platinum. Both performed well in their aesthetic looks. But more important was that Surface Pro X’s chassis was made of aluminum.

Aluminum is heavier than magnesium, and most Microsoft Surface products were built with later metal. Only one reason we can predict for opting for aluminum in Surface Pro X.

Because aluminum can be anodized easily, you can give more varied colors in aluminum-built products. So we have the right to wish for more bold colors and some eye-catching, subtle colors in the Surface Pro X 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 Wishlist: Windows 11

Windows 11 was added in the lateral upgrade of Surface Pro X. You can use Photoshop, Zoom, Lightroom, Teams, and Microsoft office on the predecessor of Surface Pro X 2. But we want more in the upcoming Surface Pro X 2.

We want to use printer and antivirus software and more gaming options in the upcoming Surface Pro X 2. Plus, it would be a blessing if we could see Android app support at its launching event.

Surface Pro X 2: Release Date

There are no official announcements regarding the release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro X 2 and such a situation is, with its rumors and leaks, means no solid thing is there to say.

But we will not let this thing untouched. We can predict the release date of Surface Pro X 2 in the third quarter of 2022.

We can give you two reasons for that-

First, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3 chip will be released around the second half of this year.

The second reason for our release date prediction of Surface Pro X 2 in the third quarter of 2022 is that Microsoft has a launching event schedule around that timeline. So it’s more than possible that they would launch it at that event. 

Surface Pro X 2: Pricings

Surface Pro X came with a base price of $1000 and its upgraded version with a basic price of $900. So there were configurations of 8GB to 16GB RAM options and three options of storage; 128, 256, and 512GBs. And you had to pay extra for type covers and stylus.

So overall, Surface Pro X’s prices varied from $900 to $1900. Still, they had compatibility issues. So I would suggest more downgraded prices for Surface Pro X 2 with no more than $1500.

Final Words

So, what are our thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Pro X 2? Apart from the fact that it’s an amazing device with some fantastic capabilities, there’s not much else to say now. Keep looking for further updates as they become available because we’re confident you’ll enjoy them!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it fully, and you may have reached some informative points we covered in our deep research. Thanks for reading. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 2: Release Date, Price, and Everything
Microsoft Surface Pro X 2: Release Date, Price, and Everything



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