Steel Rising Release Date, Gameplay, and Everything You Need To Know

Steel Rising Release Date
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Are you a fan of French revolution history? What happens if you can experience that revolution while playing a game?

More importantly, will it delight you if you get the opportunity to feel these revolutionary historical events by being the protagonist?

If such an idea attracts you, this easy guide is written for you. Yeah, Steel Rising is the name of the game based on incidents revolving around French revolution history but in a twisted way.

After reading this article, you will be able to know how the twisted history of the french revolution is presented so nicely in a game whose title is Steel Rising. Indeed, it has a release date, but what is it? It would be best if you had the patience to read till the end to know it.

In addition, we will present everything related to that Steel Rising Release Date; story synopsis, protagonist Aegis, and battleground of Paris, as simplified as we can.

So stay tuned till the end. Let’s delve into it.

Who are Developers Spiders and Publishers Nacon?

Before jumping to the story synopsis of the most anticipated game Steel Rising, it would be better to know some background about it. To know which caliber of that game will be, it’s better to have familiarity with its developer and publisher company profiles.

Spiders are the name of the French video game developers company founded in 2008. This company has made some masterpiece games in the first-person action genre, like Silverfall and GreedFall…

Nacon, another French video game developer and publisher company, was known as Bigben Interactive till 2020. It was established in 1981 and had the publishing rights to the newly coming game Steel Rising.

The reality of the French Revolution

The Story Synopsis of the Steel Rising game is the altered version of the incidents during the real French revolution. Summarizing the French revolution’s reality would be better before revealing gameplay and its story.

Who knows nothing about the French revolution? The revolution guillotined about 20 thousand people, including French King Louis 16th and Queen Marie Antoinette. This was a reign of terror. But it changed the socioeconomic and political setup of the country.

Finally, Napoleon Bonaparte emerged on the screens of history, and that deadly revolution ended.

That was, in short, the reality of the French revolution. But you would be amazed that the French game developer, Spiders, tried to present you with a much more altered history, which is presented marvelously in their upcoming game, Steel Rising.

Steel Rising: Story Synopsis

The story of this game goes back to the year 1789. That year is considered the beginning of the French revolution and the destruction of the monarchy of King Louis 16th. King is presented here as a ruthless tyrant because he had created a fearsome robotic army that was crushing the rebellion with brutality and massacre over the streets of Paris.

In this twisted game story, Queen Marie Antoinette is an opponent of the King. She had a female robot bodyguard named Aegis, initially created for dancing pleasure to entertain the royal court. The Queen has now ordered her to counter the King’s robotic army and let the revolution succeed by eliminating them.

Steel Rising: Protagonist Aegis

Steel Rising is a role-play-action game. In this clockwork artistic theme, game players have to play the role of Aegis. She has seven families of weapons. The unique thing about these weapons is that they are inside the body of Aegis. A new concept mesmerized me when I saw the gameplay trailer.

She has to counter different formidable bosses at each level of the game. Some of them look like horrible creatures in half-human and half-alien settings automatons. With her different light and heavy weapons, Aegis smash them and become the angel of death for them.

Gameplay and Battle Ground of Paris, The City of Lights

Steel Rising leads you to the events that happened in 1789. Revolutionaries demolished Bastille, which was considered a main fortress and prison for insurgents. The game takes you to 1789 France, which looks fantastic and terrifying simultaneously.

It also takes you to many monuments of French history. This means many locations are presented in the game, demolished today, and vanished in the past, like Grand Chatelet and Tour Du Temple. Game developers had done a tough job reviving those locations in radical artistic work.

King Louis 16th had ordered his chief of mechanical engineer Eugene Vaucuason to make such a brutal Automaton force that spares no single person from the rebellion masses in the streets of Paris, the city of lights.

Aegis, the bodyguard of Queen Marie Antoinette, had transformed herself into a death machine. The Queen had given her task to find out about the workshop of Eugene Vaucuason in Paris.

Stop all this bloodshed through her skills and weapons. And she had fast traverse abilities due to the grappling hook and dash system that boosts its vertical movement.

There are many hidden locations in the palaces of Paris, rooftops, balconies, and neighborhoods. Players are tasked to explore them by searching and using different tools. So overall, Paris is displaying a stunning scenario of the 18th century in the Steel Rising game.

Steel Rising Release Date

After reading about the game’s story synopsis, historic twisted gameplay, and the fantastic artistic setting of Paris, you may want to know its release date. You do not have to worry about rumors and leaks in this regard. Because Spiders, the developers of this role-play action game, have already officially announced the release date of its new and unique themed game Steel Rising on 8th September 2022. So it’s just some months ahead.

Final Words

Because of a mind-blowing story that has deep roots in French history, unique and mysterious protagonists’ visuals, and the dynamic and challenging battlegrounds of Paris, this game has attracted the interest of many fans.

No doubt, developers have done outstanding work regarding its theme and arts. But after seeing its gameplay trailer, it’s worth describing that it has some issues that must be solved before the final rendering.

These issues include low fps and improper lighting. With the hope that developers and publishers will pay heed to them, we wish for the best results after its release.

I’m sure you would have loved to read this article till the end. Please comment on the section below for more improvements and your views about our work.

Thanks for Reading

Steel Rising Release Date, Gameplay, and Everything You Need To Know
Steel Rising Release Date, Gameplay, and Everything You Need To Know



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