Total War: Pharaoh Release Date, Price, and Rumors

Total War: Pharaoh promises that there will be eight playable leaders with different playstyles. On the battlefield, there will be changes in weather events like thunderstorms and sandstorms that can alter the landscape where conflicts take place.

You will get a special perk if you preorder Total War: Pharaoh. All players who preorder will get a chance to participate in the early access weekend before the official launch. Creative Assembly will bring you the exact date of this Early Access soon.

Total War: Pharaoh Release Date

Total War: Pharaoh game will be released in October 2023. This exciting game has been added to the renowned Total War series by Creative Assembly.

The exact date of this game has yet to be announced. All players should put their faith in it because its release date will be announced very soon.

It has been promised that Creative Assembly will provide more information about this game as the release date comes near. So, fans should wait for the official update.

As we approach October 2023, we will have more information about the game, including the release date.

All the fans can enjoy and learn the great crossplay and co-op support features.

This Total War series will give everyone an exciting historical, strategic gaming experience, and players can control what happened in the past at valuable Egyptian time.

Total War: Pharaoh – Prices and Pre-Order

Are you excited about Total War: Pharaoh and eagerly waiting to know its Price and availability? Then don’t worry; we have got all the information.


Here’s the different editions of Total War: Pharaoh and their prices:

EditionPriceIncluded Content
Standard Edition$59.99The base game
Deluxe Edition$72.87Base game, digital soundtrack, DLC Faction Pack One
Dynasty Edition$91.46Base game, digital soundtrack, DLC Faction Packs (One, Two, Three), DLC Campaign Pack


If you want to pre-order Total War: Pharaoh, you can buy it now, and currently, there are three editions from which you can select.

Here’s the pricing for Total War: Pharaoh on CDKeys for different editions:

EditionPrice (CDKeys)Included Content
Standard Edition£40.99The base game
Deluxe Edition£50.99Base game, digital soundtrack, DLC Faction Pack One
Dynasty Edition£65.99Base game, digital soundtrack, DLC Faction Packs (One, Two, Three), DLC Campaign Pack

All these prices are much less than the full price, so this will be a very good deal. Dynasty Edition is forwarding you a lot of content, and it is available at the cheapest price if you buy everything separately after the launch.

Other Options:

You can also pre-order the game from the Epic Games Store.

Here’s the pricing for Total War: Pharaoh on the Epic Games Store for different editions:

EditionPrice (Epic Games Store)
Standard Edition£49.99
Deluxe Edition£61.17
Dynasty Edition£77.96

This table clearly compares the pricing for the different editions of the game on the Epic Games Store.

  • Whatever edition you choose, you will get early access and cosmetic packs. 
  •  A physical Standard Edition will be available after release at select retailers, with a Steam key and cosmetic pack.

Total War: Pharaoh is available in different editions with variable prices and bonuses. Your copy will be safe by pre-ordering, and you can get exclusive benefits. Check the official announcement and trusted retailers to get the latest offers.

Total War: Pharaoh System Requirements

If you want to play the upcoming game Total War: PHARAOH, you must have a computer meeting specific system requirements. The official requirement of this game has yet to be released, but we can guess from the available information and based on similar games.

Here’s the minimum and recommended system requirements for Total War: Pharaoh:

Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit or later (64 Bit ONLY)Windows 10 64-bit or later (64 Bit ONLY)
ProcessorQuad-core Intel or AMD, 3.0 GHz or fasterQuad-core Intel or AMD, 3.4 GHz or faster
Memory (RAM)8 GB16 GB
Storage120 GB available space120 GB available space
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 280X series card or higherNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
DirectX VersionVersion 11Version 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection

These requirements help players understand what computer setup they’ll need to run the game at a minimum and recommended settings.

Please keep in mind that these requirements are based on estimation and may change after the release of official system requirements. If you want a smooth gaming experience, keep your hardware above the minimum requirements.

Additionally, having a high-speed, stable internet connection for online gaming would be best. Keep an eye out for official updates on the system requirements as the game’s release date gets closer so that your PC is ready to conquer the battlefield of Total War: Pharaoh.

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Total War: Pharaoh Factions

Total War: Pharaoh takes you to an exciting time called the Bronze Age Collapse. During this period, there was a lot of chaos and changes in who had control over different areas in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. In this time, you can enjoy exciting gameplay with eight unique playable factions representing three diverse cultures.

Here’s the factions in Total War: Pharaoh:

EgyptianRamesses, Seti, Tausret, Amenmesse
CanaaniteBay, Irsu
HittiteKurunta, Suppiluliuma

Remember that the game will only go some of the way to Mesopotamia that is, towards the east so that we won’t deal with Assyrians or Babylonians.

In the game, you’ll have a Campaign Customization option to make the game your own. You can choose random starting positions, detailed resource settings, and even the ability to unleash natural disasters. Also, there will be more factions and DLC releases as Total War: Pharaoh’s World gets bigger.

Total War: Pharaoh Map and Gameplay

In Total War: Pharaoh, the gameplay centers on building, managing, and running cities in ancient Egypt. Making and looking after cities is important in this game.

You can make big, beautiful cities with famous things like the Great Pyramids and temples. But you have to be smart about it and use your resources wisely to make your city grow.

The game has some exciting new features. There’s a better way to fight battles, manage your city, and a map that changes as you play. This means you can play for a long time and have fun.

The game also has a map. We know a bit about it from a double-sided poster. It shows places like the Western Desert, Lower Egypt, and some Upper Egypt. There’s also a part called Kush, below Egypt in Sudan. The Kushites don’t cause problems for Egypt in the game, but they’ll be added later as an extra part to play.

The map plays a vital role in the game. It’s like a bird’s-eye view of ancient Egypt. A sneak peek from a recent promo video shows us some interesting map parts.

You can see the mighty Nile River flowing towards the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile Delta, where the river splits into smaller streams before reaching the sea, is clear.

In the distance, there’s the Mediterranean Sea, and on the right side, you can see the Gulf of Suez. On the left, there’s a wet area called the Fayum, one of the few places for farming in ancient Egypt aside from the Nile Valley.

As you move along the Levantine coast, you reach the border between Turkey and Syria. Looking at southern Egypt, you can spot the Red Sea on the right and the Nile River in the center. This helps you understand where different parts of the game world are located.

The Nile River is a significant feature in the game and ancient Egypt’s history. It served as the lifeblood of the region.

Total War: Pharaoh Trailer

The Total War: Pharaoh trailer gives us a sneak peek into the game’s world. It starts with a view of the sky and shows the famous Great Pyramids by the Nile River. A dung beetle comes out of the sand and rolls a dung ball, like how the Pyramids were built.

The beetle faces challenges like rain, heat, and sandstorms on its journey. It ends up on a battlefield where another dung beetle tries to steal its dung ball.

Suddenly, an arrow lands nearby, sending the beetle onto a Pharaoh’s hand. A rival army approaches, and the beetle climbs onto the Pharaoh’s hand, showing its strength. The Pharaoh calls his army to action.

The trailer sets the scene for epic battles and strategy in the game. But we’ll have to wait until the official release of the game to see the actual gameplay. So, stay tuned for more about Total War: Pharaoh!

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