How to save images as JPG instead of JFIF? (Fix 100%)

Are you searching for How to save images as JPG instead of JFIF?

If you do not save any pictures with JPG or JPEG extensions instead of JFIF, read this article in the right place, and you will be able to save the pictures in JPG format.

Let me tell you the whole process. Before that, please understand a few things. After the new Windows update, all pictures will be saved like JFIF files.

How can I see the JFIF file has been saved by default? I am writing an article for a blog from my laptop. I need a picture for this, so I will take a screenshot and try to upload it to this website, but I can’t see the picture format as JFIF. After that, I researched saving images in JPG format instead of JFIF. Finally, I found the solution and shared this fix with you.

Before starting my article, you need to understand the new JFIF extension. Let me tell you what the JFIF format is.

Do you know What is JFIF?

The content of the JPEG file interchange format file is the compressed version of the corresponding JPEG/JPG file.

The JPG file interchange format file is usually classified as an image file integrated with the digital graphics coding specification, and the file is also implemented as a JPEG file.

The digital image data stored in the JPEG file interchange format file is a digital JPG graphic in a bitmap format, and the digital graphic content is stored in the JFIF file format.

The definition compared to the arrangement determination of the basic cluster coordinated into the JPG picture record is put away in the related JPG document trade design document.

These JPEG document trade design records have the augmentation .jfif, which is for the most part utilized in the principal phase of advanced picture creation and delivering, compacted in the organization of JPEG picture chronicles, and put away as JFIF.

Advantage of JFIF

  • JFIF is a format for storing high-resolution images. The compression ratio is around 70-85%, making it the most efficient format for high-resolution images.

Disadvantage of JFIF

  • Also, they don’t support resizing, which is another disadvantage.
  • JFIF images have a higher resolution, so sites with limited images often favor sites.
  • Also, JFIF files do not support color spaces and are less versatile than other image formats.

Steps to save images as JPG instead of JFIF


Now introduce the technology of the solution. As long as you need care, this technique becomes very easy.

If you are not familiar with Windows processing or editing, please tell anyone familiar with the registry editor. I assure you that if you follow the steps below, you can solve this problem 100%.

How to save images as JPG instead of JFIF
Image Credit: PCVenus


If you are not a technical person to do registry editing, then well there is another way for this to transfer JFIF file extension to JPG.

Link: File Extension

1.>> Download the Provided file extension and keep it on any drive on a laptop or personal computer.

2.>> Double click on it and open it will ask for some permission, accept it, and finally, you can easily save any image as JPG/JPEG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to take a screenshot in jpg format?

After performing all the steps above, you can now easily save screenshots in JPG format.

Q2. How to convert JFIF to JPG/JPEG?

Suppose you want to convert JFIF images to JPG format. You can search for the converter of “Convert JFIF to JPG” on Google, and it will have the most websites in Google. You can convert the image to JPG format through either side.

To Convert JFIF to JPG Freevisit the below-provided sites



Q3. How do you save as JPEG instead of JFIF?

If you have problems with the JFIF file extension, you can follow any of the steps given above, and you can easily save the image as JPEG or apply it.

Q4. Why is my JPEG saving as JFIF?

When you used to save pictures and screenshots before, the app was not saved in JFIF format. But after the windows 10 update, this came; I hope it can be closed by default as soon as possible.

Q5. How to change JFIF file to JPG/JPEG/PNG in windows 10

We have told two methods, and you can apply them. If you don’t want it, just search for “JFIF to JPG converter” in Google, click on any link, and execute the image you want to convert.

The image will be available in JPG format in Windows 10, 9, and 8 by default if you follow these steps.


If you cannot perform these steps, you may get help from your family and friends, who can easily edit the registry file.

We think it is difficult to have no test at any of the above steps.

If you encounter any difficulties when saving the image as a jpg, please leave a comment, and I will give you 100%.

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