Is DayZ Cross-Platform? Everything We Know

Recently Dayz became the most popular adventure PC game among all gamers and streamers worldwide.

There are millions of people playing this game each day. While looking for data, I came across a few stores and a premium analyzer. It says fans are constantly asking if DayZ cross-play or not. I know it was released on multiple platforms; that’s why fans have hope that it might support the cross-play feature.

If you don’t know what cross-platform is, it is a process that helps players from across platforms to play with each other regardless of their device. Check out this article if you want answers or want to learn more about this game.

Everything about the DayZ Game

If you love to play survival or zombie games, DayZ is the game.

The game context is similar to Back 4 Blood. First, you need to collect weapons and food, then kill whatever you come across, like zombies or players; the primary goal is to stay alive till the end.

It’s an open-world game, so you can travel to different cities to collect more resources. The gameplay differs slightly from other survival games, and you have to kill many zombies and players. It sounds fun, but you will realize how intense it is while playing this game.

The fun part is you have to be extra careful with your health, immunity, and supplies, and these details make it more intense and fun to play. I will suggest you sometimes, and players can sneak up on you and then take all the resources, so be careful with that.

DayZ Wiki

Dayz was released in and 2013, within a few months, it became the biggest hit. Gamers and streamers worldwide love it so much that it also wins awards.


Bohemia Interactive, Dean Hall


Bohemia Interactive


PC (Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Initial Release Date:

December 16, 2013  



Metacritic Rating:

User Score:


What Platforms Support DayZ?

Dayz is released on multiple platforms, such as Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

I know you are looking for an answer, but you will be disappointed after hearing this; Dayz doesn’t support cross-play features. Let’s assume that you want to play this game with friends, and you have a PC, but your friends have different console devices like Xbox One or PS4, so you can’t play together. 

Is DayZ in Cross-Platforms in 2023?

There isn’t any news from the developer’s side regarding Dayz cross-platform features, so 2023 will not add this feature to this game. 

There might be so many reasons that Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform features. 

  • Because of some security reasons or technical issues, developers didn’t add cross-platform features.
  • The developers might be looking for options so that this game can run smoothly on all the platforms. 

In PC and PS4/PS5

No, DayZ doesn’t support cross-platform features between PC and Console devices. In other words, If you wish to enjoy Dayz and own a PC, but your companions have console devices such as PS4 or PS5, and you want to play the game together since it does not have cross-play features.

In PS4 and PS5

The answer is yes. Dayz allows cross-generation play on PS4 as well as PS5 devices. This means that you would like to play the game with your friends, and you own a PS4 device; however, even if your friends own PS5 devices, they can play with you. PS5 devise, they can play and enjoy each other’s company.

In Xbox and PC 

I feel disappointed, but Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform between Xbox and PC devices. For example, if you want to play this game and have an Xbox device, but your friend has a different device, like a PC, you can’t play together. 

In Xbox One and PS4

No, Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform features between Xbox and PS4 devices. It means if you want to play this game with friends and have an Xbox One device, but your friends have a different console device like PS4, you can’t play together.

In Xbox One and PS4  

Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform features between Xbox One and PS4 devices. If you want to play this game with friends and have an Xbox One device, but your friends have a PS4, you can only play together if it supports cross-platform features.

Xbox One Nintendo Switch  

As I mentioned before, Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform features and let me remind you something, this game is not available for Nintendo Switch users, so Xbox players can’t play with Switch players.

In Mobile and PC  

No, Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform features. Another thing that you might need to learn is this game isn’t available for mobile users, and I feel bad for them. That is why PC players can’t play together with mobile players.

In Switch and PC 

No, Dayz isn’t available for Switch users. It means PC players can’t play together with Switch players. 

Nintendo Switch and Console  

Dayz doesn’t support cross-platform between different console devices. Console users can’t play together with Nintendo Switch users because this game isn’t available for Switch users.

In macOS and ChromeOS

macOS and ChromeOS users might be disappointed after hearing this. Dayz isn’t available for these devices. 

In Android and Apple iOS

Dayz isn’t available for Android users as well as Apple iOS users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why isn’t DayZ Cross-Platform?

According to major media houses’ reports, there might be some technical issues in which developers didn’t add cross-platform features to the game. They want to please fans. It may be another reason for not giving any updates regarding the cross-platform features.

Is DayZ Community Server Cross-Platform?

The Dayz team didn’t announce when they will add cross-platform features to the game, but some sources say they are interested. There are some possibilities that they might add this feature to the game in the future.

The Dayz community server doesn’t support cross-platform features. If you want to play this game with friends and have a PC device, but your friends have a console device, you can only play with one another.

Does DayZ provide Cross-Save support?

No, Dayz doesn’t support the cross-save feature. You can’t access your saved data on platforms like PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Does DayZ Support Cross-Generation play?

Yes, Dayz supports cross-generation features. If you want to play with friends and have a PS4, but your friends have a PS5 still, you can play together and have fun.

Final Words

There needs to be more particular about the possibility of cross-platform compatibility for DayZ, One of the most well-known zombie survival games currently on the market. In this article, we discussed is DayZ cross-play or not. After reading this article, you might still find all your answers; if you have any doubts, please tell us in the comment section.

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