Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay? Everything You Need to Know

Whenever multiplayer games are launched on multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox One, and PS4, all gamers across the globe have one question: Does this game support cross-platform play or not?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was launched; it is a multiplayer player shooter game. After launching this game on different platforms, fans want to know if Battlefront || supports cross-play.

If you need clarification about cross-play, let me explain that it is a feature that allows players from different platforms to play the game together. After reading this article, you will find all the answers you seek.

What is Battlefront 2?

Battlefront 2 is the most popular shooting PC game based on a Star Wars movie; if you are a fan of this movie, you should check out this game. The game context is similar to the 2004 Battlefront-1. Now the battle scene is more fun and interesting to play. The developers added more maps, characters, and weapons to engage players.

You are part of the rebel army, so your goal is to defeat empire armies and eliminate the empire to restore the galaxy’s democracy. This game has amazing graphics quality, and you will not skip a single storyline during the gameplay. I enjoyed destroying enemy ships in space.

This game supports single-player and multiplayer modes, which means you can play with friends.

Since 2018 fans frequently ask the same question, Battlefront 2 support cross-play or not? Sadly, it doesn’t support the cross-play feature.

Battlefront 2 Wi-Ki

Developer:Dice, Motivation Studio, Criterion Software
Platform(s):PC (Windows), Xbox One, and PS 4
Initial Release Date:November 17, 2017  
Metacritic Rating:68
User Score:1.6

What Platforms Support Battlefront 2?

Star War Battlefront 2 supports PC, Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. As I mentioned before, this game doesn’t support cross-platform features but supports multiplayer modes to play the game with friends and have fun together.

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform PC, PS, Xbox One, Android (1)

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform in 2023?

I’m disappointed, but Star Wars Battlefront 2 doesn’t support the cross-platform play feature. You can’t play it together if you and your friends have different console devices. There isn’t any update about Battlefront II from the developer side, so I think they might add the cross-platform in the future but not in 2023.  

In PC and PS4/PS5

Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-platform between PC and PS4/PS5 console devices. If you want to play this game with friends and have a PC device, but your friend has a PS5 console device, you can’t play together.

PS4 and PS5

You will be happy to hear this; Battlefront 2 supports cross-generation gaming, which means PS4 players can play online with PS5 players.

Xbox One and PC

Definitely no; Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-platform play between Xbox One console and PC devices. It is impossible if you want to play with friends on different platforms. They might add the cross-platform feature in the future update because of the fan’s demand, which they want to satisfy.

Xbox One and PS4

No, Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-platform features between Xbox One and PS4. Let’s assume you have an Xbox One console device and want to play it with a friend with a PS4 console device, and then you can’t play together.

Xbox One and PS5

As I mentioned before, Star Wars Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-platform play between the Xbox One console device and the PS5 console device. You can’t play together if you have an Xbox One console device and your friend has a PS5 console device.

Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

You may only know this now, and Battlefront 2 isn’t released on the Nintendo Switch platform. There has yet to be an update from the developer, so I can’t tell you when this game will launch on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Mobile and PC

Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t available for mobile devices, so I can’t tell you about cross-play between mobile and PC devices.

Switch to PC

You might not be aware of this; Battlefront 2 hasn’t released on Switch platforms, so I can’t give you an accurate answer regarding cross-platform between these two platforms.

Nintendo Switch and Console

As I mentioned, Battlefront 2 isn’t released on the Nintendo Switch platform, so I can’t tell about cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and Console devices.

macOS and ChromeOS

Definitely no, you can’t play Battlefront 2 on a macOS device and ChromeOS; there might be a few reasons why this game isn’t released on macOS and ChromeOS, and it also doesn’t support its cross-platform features.

Android and Apple iOS

You will be disappointed after hearing this; Battlefront 2 hasn’t been released on Android and iOS devices. If you are curious about when they will release, they will soon add this game to Android and iOS platforms.

Will Battlefront 2 be cross-platform?

No, Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-platform features. For example, if you have a PC device and your friend has an Xbox console device, you can’t play together because this game doesn’t support cross-platform.

Fans frequently complain and ask the same question on social media platforms; when will developers add the cross-platform play feature in this game?

As per some major media houses, developers might have a lot of reasons for not adding cross-platform play features in this game.

  • Developers provide the same quality of gameplay on different platforms.
  • We might need to be made aware of some technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cross-Platform in Gaming?

Cross-platform is a feature that helps gamers from different platforms to play with each other. Let’s assume you are playing PUBG with friends and have a PS4 console device, but your friend still has an Xbox One console; you can play with them. 

What are the Benefits of Cross-Platform Play?

There are a lot of benefits of cross-platform gaming, such as you get an opportunity to play with a random player from different platforms, and you can also share and collect information from other players.  

What are Cross-Progression and Cross-Generation?

Cross-progression is one feature that allows you to access your saved data from different platforms like Xbox, PS, or PC.

Cross-generation is a feature that allows you to play with the latest and older generation console devices; for example, PS5 players can play online with PS3 players.   

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Progression, and Cross-Generation?

Battlefront 2 doesn’t support cross-progression, but it supports cross-generation gaming. If you and your friends have the same console family devices, you can play this game and have fun together.

When will Battlefront 2 support cross-play?

I can’t tell you an exact date because there isn’t any official announcement from the developer side, but I can assure you that they will add the cross-play feature in the future.

Is Star War Battlefront split screen?

Yes, the split-screen option is only available for console devices; I feel bad for PC players.

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-platform on Steam and Origin?

Yes, players with paid subscriptions to Origin and Steam can play Battlefront 2 on different platforms.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed many things about Battlefront 2 and some future updates. I recommend this game, and it is fun to play in single-player and multiplayer modes. I tried my best to clarify all the doubts; if you have any more questions, please tell us in the comment section.  

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