PS5 Pro Release Date, Price, Specs, and Everything We Know

Are you expecting the launching of PS 5 Pro shortly? Are you willing to know rumors about its release date and expected specs all in one easy guide? Finally, do you have a wishlist of features for the upcoming PS 5 Pro?

The PS5 Pro Release Date is just around the corner, so it’s time to gear up and get ready for the next big thing in gaming. PS5 Pro will be the latest gaming console from Sony and promises to be the best yet.

Well, you will surely get here all the stuff related to the questions mentioned above. We try to provide you with the best possible easy explanation of the things step by step. So stay tuned till the end to get the most valuable research all in one spot.

PS 5 Pro Wiki

Playstation 5 Pro is nothing but a most awaited gaming console and, more accurately, a gaming beast that will be a healthy upgrade of its predecessor PS 5 standard. 

To get more ideas about PS 5 Pro, we need to grasp the features of its predecessor to visualize the difference. So standard PS 5 has an amazingly fast SSD that incredibly loads faster the minor details of the games. Standard PS 5 just wildly changed the gaming feel due to its powerful and innovative DualSense controller. Its crystal clear interface just mesmerized its users.

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PS 5 Pro Release Date: Rumors and Reality

It’s not new for gamers to know that Playstation products have a 6 to 7 years lifespan. PS 5 was just released last year. PS 4 Pro was released in 2016. And likewise, some 7 years before the release of PS 5, PS 4 standard was released. 

So if we deduce the release date from the old Sony pattern, we can easily conclude that the PS 5 Pro is just a few years away. More probably, it can be released in late 2023 or earlier 2024. 

And so are some rumors regarding the release date of PS 5 Pro. Popular YouTube Channel RedGamingTech pointed to the launch date being the end of 2023. Nothing has been officially announced, so who knows, this speculation may come true?

There are also rumors that Sony will release PSVR 2 in the first quarter of 2023. If so,, we can assume that PS 5 Pro should have to come in early 2024 because both products need some time to make their space in masses. 

Likewise, it is also a matter of worry that Sony faces delays in the shipment of standard PS 5 products because of global chip shortage issues. If this problem persists, it will also impact the further delay in the release date of PS 5 Pro. 

PS 5 Pro Expected Specs


Popular YouTube Channel RedGamingTech had predicted that PS 5 Pro’s performance would be double in many ways from its predecessor standard PS 5. PS 5 Pro will be equipped with an AMD GPU that has RDNA 2 architecture which has 10 TFLOPs and 36 compute units. It will enhance ray tracing capabilities to 2.5× times. In addition to that, the PS 5 Pro will be updated with a 4 or 5-nanometer Ryzen APU built by TSMC. 


Many gamers disliked the Standard PS 5 design because it was extra tall and looked like an immense machine. Which is difficult to set on the stands, and you need more space to accommodate it. With that being said, many believe that PS 5 Pro will not be as much heavier than its predecessor. And it can come in a slim design but take it with a pinch of salt because we can only assume. 


PS 5 Pro pricing would depend on the question of what enhanced specs are included in it? And we can also take an idea from the prices of standard PS 4 and PS 4 Pro. If we go with the older pricing pattern, we cannot think of a major difference. So it will not be more than $600 anyways.

PS 5 Pro Our Wishlist Features

After reading briefly about the release date and expected specs, it’s time to present our Wishlist of features that we want to see in the upcoming PS 5 Pro. 

Storage Space Of PS 5 Pro Should Be Increased

Storage space in standard PS 5 is insufficient for many of its fans. 667GB looks like nothing when PS 5 Games are of 200 GB spaces. We can demand 1 to 2 TB storage space in PS 5 Pro that will bring unlimited fun to our immersive gaming experience. 

There Should Be A Plugin Solution For Storage Expansion

Expansion of storage in standard PS 5 is not an easy task. You need to do guesswork, disassemble the console, buy a third-party drive, fix it in slots, and screw it in the end. What bullshit! We deserve a simple plugin solution for storage expansion in the upcoming PS 5 Pro.

Quieter PS 5 Pro

Although a lot of work has been done in the noise reduction section of standard PS 5, if we compare it with PS 4 Pro, there is still room for improvement in that domain. Users need a quieter PS 5 Pro than before. 

Should You Wait for PS 5 Pro Or Buy Now Standard PS 5?

Well, Standard PS 5 has some enormous specific games that are not worth missing. PS 5 is far better than PS 4 Pro. It is 4K enabled. It has better frames per second. So the overall standard PS 5 is worth buying now. 

Whereas it is rightly said that the latest technology leaves everything behind. After two to three years, there will be a demand for high resolutions, more capable CPUs, and discrete graphics. So for that time, the updated PS 5 Pro would be an inevitable choice. And yeah, if you can wait, the choice is yours. But gamers can’t wait any longer.


When will PS5 Pro be released?

This is a difficult question because Sony does not announce launch dates for new products. PS5 Pro is expected to be launched in late fall or winter 2024, based on previous release dates. This is based on Sony’s release cycles, which are identical. So, if you’re thinking about pre-ordering, you should do so as soon as possible!

How much will be the price of the PS5 Pro?

Do you want to know how much the next PS5 Pro will cost? Since the console has yet to be formally announced, finding an answer to that question is challenging. However, we can confidently predict that it will be costly – significantly more than the PS4 Pro. So, if you want to buy one, you need to start saving right now!

Final Words

As we all know, Sony is currently gearing up to release their next gaming console – the PS5 Pro. Unlike their predecessors, the PS5 Pro is expected to be released sometime in the middle of next year.

In addition to boasting improved graphics and performance, the PS5 Pro is also rumored to come with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry; we’re here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and developments related to this highly anticipated gaming console! Stay tuned!

We hope you got some valuable information out of this guide. If so, comment in the comment section below and give us your valuable views about it. Thanks for reading.

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