Windows 12 Release Date, Features, and Everything We Know

Have you heard about the existence of Microsoft Windows 12, and Can you guess its release date of it?

Do you have some idea regarding its features and hardware requirements? And you want to know all the answers to these questions in one easy guide?

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It has just passed one year after the launch of Microsoft Windows 11, and you hear rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Windows 12. Yeah, the possibility can never be challenged. Although today you will read here all prospects about the upcoming Windows OS, be it the release date, hardware requirements, or expected features. So stay tuned till the end.

What’s New in Microsoft Windows 12?

Microsoft Windows 12 will be an ideal operating system, which Microsoft Corporation will design for personal computers’ smooth and updated running. All information regarding this operating system is imaginary, unverified, and speculative. We know that Microsoft Windows has become our primary need in this global digital era.


The predecessor of Microsoft Windows 12 that is Microsoft Windows 11, was released in the year 2021 in October and its ending support timeline is not yet determined. It is also reported that only 20% of users are switched to Microsoft Windows 11.

While Microsoft Windows 10’s ending support timeline is 2025, we assume that Microsoft Windows 11 will operate from 2031 to 2033. So, it’s a trend in Microsoft Windows operating systems that they usually remain functional for 10 years.

Microsoft Windows 12 Release Date: Expected

It is seemingly funny that Microsoft Corporation used to announce that Microsoft Windows 10 was the last of its kind. Having said that, they introduced 2 updates annually. And finally all of sudden they launched Microsoft Windows 11. So the launch of Microsoft Windows 12 for them cannot be unpredictable at any time. 

Work is already going on in the upcoming Microsoft Windows 12. We have just one source of reference for the aforementioned news regarding the possible release date of Microsoft Windows 12. That is the German Tech website Deskmodder. This Website refers that news to their source plus a tweet from SwiftOnSecurity

SwiftOnSecurity tweeted that Microsoft Windows 12 is in the early stages and you can see its possible launching before March 2022. Super amazing it is! You don’t believe that later SwiftOnSecurity deleted that tweet and said it was just a joke and nothing more than that.

Why is Microsoft Windows 12 Launching Necessary?

Although the SwiftOnSecurity tweet was a joke, Deskmodder is exaggerating. But the launch of Microsoft Windows 12 is necessary for both the users and the company, and there are huge commercial benefits to it. If Microsoft has to remain in the market, it should have to timely launch and update new features, upgrades, and versions of its operating systems. 

Microsoft Windows 12 Hardware Requirements

When users switched from Microsoft Windows 10 to 11, they faced some problems and were demanded to fulfill hardware requirements. On top of them, some were about security features, and some were about storage and other specs in devices. 

Likewise, for possible installation of Microsoft Windows 12, you may need to fulfill some of these hardware requirements. 

  1. Motherboards of your PCs should have security features, namely TPM chips. 
  2. You may need 64-bit processors.
  3. Minimum 4GB RAM with 64GB storage may become inevitable.
  4. Minimum 720p display may become a condition for installing new Microsoft Windows.

Windows 12 Expected Features

First of all, let me clear that nothing has been officially stated about visionary Microsoft Windows twelve features. So we can just speculate from our wisdom regarding this domain.

We had seen that Microsoft Windows 11 was based on some foundations of Windows 10. But Deskmodder claims that will not be the case with Microsoft Windows 12, and they mean that Microsoft Windows 12 will be built on totally new grounds.

We all know that the Start Menu of Microsoft Windows 10 was as popular as Microsoft Windows 11. So we can deduce from it that more radical changes in features of Microsoft Windows 12 will not suit its loyal customers.

Windows 12 features price release date
Image Credit: Microsoft

Wishlist for Upcoming Microsoft Windows 12

We want to share here our Wishlist of features that we want to see in the upcoming Microsoft Windows 12. 

Assisting App For Android System

We know that worldwide more than 40% of users are on the Android operating system, and that figure may be bigger than that of the Microsoft Windows operating system users. 

And just because every person has a smartphone, it would be better for him to synchronize through assisting app with Microsoft Windows operating system. It would be a win-win situation for both companies and would be more beneficial for users if they could access their files from anywhere. 

Adding Streaming App

Many professional gamers play for making careers, and they are forced to stream what they play. And for that purpose, they use multiple apps to provide better streaming to their audiences.

It would be a game-changer idea for Microsoft Windows 12 developers that they should add a single app that fulfills all streaming needs of gamers.

Adding Specific Podcast App

Podcasts are on an upward trend. People used to listen to podcasts for interviews, news, and content which matched their interests. Mac operating systems have a dedicated podcast app that manages all their podcast’s requirements. We would love to suggest adding a specific podcast app in the upcoming Microsoft Windows as a media player is not sufficient for offering such services. 

Final Words

So that was our All one easy guide about revealing everything about Microsoft Windows 12. To summarize, we can say it’s way far, I mean too far from the release date. All its features are idealized. We may have some wishes for the upcoming Microsoft Windows 12.

So if you got some value from this guide, let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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