16 Laptop Buying MISTAKES and How to Avoid Them in 2023

In this post, we’ll review some of the most frequent mistakes people make when buying a laptop and how to prevent them.

Purchasing a better laptop is difficult in today’s market since competition has evolved, to consumers frequently find themselves in difficult situations.

That is why buying a laptop, even after spending a lot of money, is always a terrible option; you must obtain a decent and powerful laptop to make a good decision.

But don’t worry; we’ll go through some typical mistakes and how to avoid them below. It would be preferable to avoid making these errors while purchasing a laptop.

After reading and researching these things, I can purchase a laptop and make you happy if you follow our advice, which offers crucial data on avoiding these major mistakes.

What are the Things to Check Before Buying a Laptop?

The things to check before buying a laptop include the Price, Brand, Processor, Graphics Card, RAM, Storage, Battery Life, Screen Size, Keyboard, Build Quality, and Portability.

16 Common MISTAKES: You Should Avoid

1. Buying a Cheap Laptop

The most prevalent mistake is that people always search for unattractive low-cost laptops, which will impact the future.

On the other hand, it is simple to cut the cost of a computer over time and end up with nearly worthless items. This is especially true if you believe inexpensive things are better.

If you believe the laptop is on sale, you are mistaken. You’ll need to conduct some research to prevent these faults. It would be great if you constantly checked the price; if the price drops, you can get a new laptop that will serve you well.

2. Buying an Expensive Laptop

You may have heard that having a more costly laptop is beneficial in some circumstances, but this is only sometimes true. Some expanders charge you extra for laptop parts that you don’t require.

This indicates that you are exceeding your budget by purchasing a laptop.

To avoid these blunders, you need to do one thing. You should list the hardware and software requirements before purchasing a laptop. This will be beneficial and not make you feel like you have overspent.

Some tasks, such as high-end gamingvideo editing, and heavy software, require a powerful and pricey laptop. You do not need to spend much money if you do not want to perform this strenuous activity.

3. Doesn’t fit your criteria

Another typical and costly mistake is purchasing computers that do not meet your needs.

If you want a gaming laptop but prefer a standard work laptop, purchase it.

Buying a gaming laptop instead of a business laptop or a travel-purpose laptop is the worst error you can make, and you should never do it since a business laptop will not be able to give the power required for gaming. Also, gaming laptops lack the mobility and battery life essential in the workplace, so select a computer that meets your needs.

4. Not Reading Reviews

We all make errors, and sometimes we feel our money could have been better since we mostly didn’t notice the laptop on review.

Always remember that a laptop is a must-have device and that you should read a review before purchasing one. You may find numerous customer reviews on websites if you search, so you’ll have to do some research to see the ratings.

Some laptops seem attractive, and their specs are also desirable, but after reading the review, it becomes clear that the performance is mediocre.

Also, some computers may not appear as excellent as others, yet they still perform excellently.

As a result, assessing the laptop’s rating of at least four stars before purchasing is crucial.


5. Choosing some Older Generation CPU

This mistake can always happen before buying any laptop.

If you take a generation or two of old CPU, the word processing speed is 20% to 30% less to save a bit of money. Manufacturers like Intel and AMD always maintain their processing power with generation.

For example, you can see that the 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor beat the 10th generation of the Intel Core i7. So for every purchase, you should go for the latest CPU.

6. Compromise in RAM Selection

Random-access memory, or RAM, is one of the essential components of any computer. Your laptop will run quicker with more RAM and the newest CPU.

The most common mistake is not checking the generation, such as the speed in DDR3, DDR4, and MHz when it comes to memory. As a result, you should consider all of these items before purchasing.

Furthermore, some laptops have soldered RAM that cannot be upgraded afterward. So, if you need extra RAM soon, you’ll need a computer that doesn’t require soldering.

What is the difference between SSD and HDD
The difference between SSD and HDD

7. Do not Check the Benefits of SSD over HDD

HDDs cost less and have a slower speed when compared with SSDs. You should know the benefits and price of SSD.

A solid-state drive works much faster than a standard hard disk drive, so today’s modern laptops talk to you without an SSD drive.

You should know the difference between SSD and HDD.

Some people always make the mistake that HDD has more storage and SSD has less available, so they opt for standard hard disk. SSD has many advantages, such as installing bias will open the system quickly.

8. Select Older Version SSD

We have already told you that having an SSD on your laptop is mandatory. So before buying any computer, you have to check whether your computer has SSM NVMe or SATA SSD. You know that SSD is speedy; if you buy NVMe, you will get more speed and a lower rate if you buy SATA SSD.

All new laptops are being launched, and Max has NVMe SSD, but some older version laptops will get SATA SSD. So you have to check which SSD is there on your computer, and you should buy it accordingly.

9. Not Checking Battery Performance

Someone always tells us everything will be good if the laptop is priced. But this is not true because some gaming laptops cost very little. Businesses such as some laptops and student laptops will provide better battery life.

The battery life will only matter if you want to buy a gaming laptop because it gives more power when charging it.

But if you want to buy a laptop, which is better for business or students, you have to check the battery life. It is mandatory to do this because you will be away from the charger most of the time.

10. We are not looking at Display Resolution, Technology, etc.

Most low-cost laptops come with HD displays, which can be very dangerous.

Select the minimum Full HD resolution display if you like watching videos, playing games, and creating a design.

If the laptop has a tiny screen, the HD resolution screen is good, but buying a computer with a bigger screen will cause many problems.

Another important factor is whether the laptop screen is anti-glare because your eyesight is precious. If you select the glare screen, it will significantly affect your eyes.

Also, you have to choose an IPS LCD, as it gives the advantage of a laptop and you can see it anyway, which provides very clear and good image quality.

GPU of Laptop or PC

11. Do not Select a Required GPU

You will have to compromise later if you have to save a little money to buy an integrated graphics card. The laptop with a dedicated graphics card is better suited to handle gamers and other heavy tasks easily.

If you are interested in video editing, modeling, and coding, choose a Dedicated GPU instead of an Integrated. However, Intel’s latest graphics cards, like the Iris Xe Plus, are far superior to UHD. Therefore, for everyday work, it can run everything smoothly.

12. Mitchmatch in Brand and Specifications

Premium brand laptops provide good performance, but this is only sometimes true because Apple laptops do not offer powerful performance in gaming.

This is right because you have to trust the brand as well. Some premium brands like Apple, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, MSI, etc., always provide excellent performance in their category.

Apart from this, sometimes we check its specification rather than the brand, which will cause problems like no service center, accessories, etc.

The mistake is sometimes that we cannot even see the needy specifications of the laptop and cannot buy it.

To avoid this common mistake, you must remember that its specification and performance must also be checked.

You can check all its components if you find a branded laptop in the sale that meets your needs.

13. Not thinking about Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard of a Laptop

Before purchasing a laptop, some people pay little attention to the keyboard and touchpad, so you do not make this mistake.

You can visit various online sites to see how responsive the keyboard and trackpad are. Because sometimes, the touchpad can make you very nervous while typing. Therefore, before making a purchase, ensure you are satisfied with it.

Typing speed also depends on the type of keyboard and trackpad; you will not overthink it.

The more responsive keyboard you have, the more you will be able to type.

We recommend buying an external keyboard and mouse if you have already used it, then you can get an idea of ​​how good it is.

Also Check: Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard

14. Do not consider External Ports and Connectivity

The slim Ultrabook or laptop comes with minimal port and connectivity, but it is pretty impressive in appearance. We made a deal without thinking about the external port and connectivity, and later we thought we should do it.

These are common mistakes you should avoid when buying a new laptop.

It is essential to check all this before buying any laptop. Also, don’t go with hardcore and lightweight laptops that don’t have a lot of ports and connectivity. The USB hub cannot be taken together when you are out or about for a presentation because it needs to fall smartly.

15. Purchase of Non-essential Add-ons while purchasing required Add-ons

Non-essential add-ons mean cheap antivirus software, cheap media players, and other add-ons that vendors offer for free on the Internet.

Instead, save money and buy a printer or an external HDD. You should stop wasting time and prevent this mistake while buying a laptop.

Sometimes we advertise unnecessary things, such as cheap antivirus that you can download for free. Also, we may have an additional 2-3 years warranty, which we do not consider.

To save a little money, you can buy an extra-simple external mouse to help you greatly.

Before making the final transaction, you should know your chosen add-on.

16. Not Knowing the Requirements

One of the most common mistakes is not knowing what they need before purchasing. Before you set foot in a store or start browsing the internet, you should have a strong idea of what kind of laptop you want and what you’ll use it for.

Meanwhile, you risk becoming overwhelmed by the possibilities and selecting something not suited to your requirements.

Final Words

When buying a laptop, it is essential to research and be informed of the many types of laptops available. It’s also vital to trust your salesperson rather than a brand. Make sure you read this blog to gain the necessary information to make an informed selection.

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