Is Evil Dead the Game Cross-Platform in 2024?

Evil Dead the Game is one of the internet’s most popular horror adventure games. In 2022, this game was launched, and the best part is that it comes with both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Nowadays, all popular games come with multiplayer mode. Fans are curious whether Evil Dead the Game support cross-platform features or not. So we are here to clear all the queries you have on your mind related to this game.

Evil Dead the Game: Best Horror Adventure Game to Play in 2024

Evil Dead the Game is one of the internet’s most famous horror adventure games. The context of the game is simple: four survivors will travel through jungles and different places to find Necronomicon pages so the survivors can defeat Dark Ones and then clear the game.

The gameplay is fun; you can become a survivor and a demon here. It’s an open world, so you can travel around the apocalypse world where you must kill zombies and demons to survive; except for these things, you must find maps and secure the areas. I’m sure you will love it.

It offers single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you have to clear different types of missions, but if you love to play with your friends, then the multiplayer mode is also fun.

Evil Dead the Game Wiki

Developer:Saber Interactive 
Publisher:Boss Team Games, Saber Interactive, LLC 
Platform(s):PC (Windows), PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, etc.
Initial Release Date:May 13, 2022  
Metacritic Rating:74
User Score:7.8

Important: This score will change over time.

Is Evil Dead the Game Cross-Platform

Is Evil Dead the Game Cross-Platform?

Developers recently made an official statement on their tweeter handle. They said that Evil Dead the Game supports cross-platform features between all the devices, such as Xbox One, PC Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox series X/S, etc.

Now, players from different platforms can play together and have fun. Let’s assume you want to play this game with friends, but you are confused because you both have different devices like PC and Xbox One; can you play with each other or not? Don’t worry still, and you can play and have fun together.

Xbox One and PC

Cross-platform functionality between Xbox One and PC devices is supported by Evil Dead the Game. This implies that PC users can play alongside Xbox One players without interruption.

PC and PS4

Evil Dead the Game has cross-platform functionality for PC and PS4 devices. For example, assume you want to play this game with pals, but you only have a PS4 console device, and your buddy only has a PC device, and you can still play and have fun together.

Xbox One and PS4

Evil Dead the Game is compatible with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. So, if you want to play this game with pals but have different console systems, such as an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, you can still play and have fun together.

PS5 and Xbox Series X

The PS5 and Xbox Series X console systems seamlessly support the cross-platform capabilities of Evil Dead: The Game. This means that even if you and your friends have different console devices, like a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can still enjoy playing games together.

PS5 and Xbox Series S

The cross-platform features of Evil Dead the Game are supported by PS5 and Xbox Series S console systems. So, if you want to play this game with colleagues but have various console devices, such as a PS5 or an Xbox Series S, you may do so.

PS4 and PS5

Evil Dead the Game supports the cross-platform features between PS4 and PS5 console devices. It means players who have the same family console devices from different generations can play with each other.

PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Evil Dead the Game doesn’t support the cross-platform features between PS4 and Nintendo Switch console devices. It’s because till now, developers haven’t released this game on the Nintendo Switch platform.

How to Enable or Disable the Cross-Platform Features on all the devices?

The process of enabling or disabling the cross-platform feature is similar on all console and PC devices. The process is simple, and you can follow the steps.

  • Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Xbox menu.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings > Account > Privacy & Online Safety in your profile.
  • Step 3: Choose Xbox privacy.
  • Step 4:Select Custom > View Details and Customize.
  • Step 5: Pick Communication & Multiplayer.
  • Step 6: Find “You can join cross-network play” and set it to Allow to enable and Block to disable the crossplay feature.


1. What is Cross-platform?

Cross-play is one feature that allows players from different platforms to play together, share information, or converse without interruption.

2. Does Evil Dead the Game support Cross-Progression?

It doesn’t support cross-progression features for now, but it might be possible in the future. According to some media house reports, developers will soon add this feature to the game.

3. Can I play Evil Dead the game on a low-end PC?

Yes, you can play Evil Dead the Game, but there is a minimum system requirement your PC needs to fulfill. If your system boasts a Core i3-1135G3 processor clocked at 3.3GHz and is equipped with a Radeon R7 360X graphics card, you’re all set to enjoy the game.

Download it from the Official site to play on a low-end PC.

Final Words

Evil Dead the Game is now cross-platform! This is good news for all the game fans who were worried that the game might not be available on their platform of choice. Now that it’s officially confirmed, all you need to do is find a compatible device and get ready for fun! I also mentioned other details that might be useful during the gameplay; if you have any questions, please tell us in the comment section.

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