PS7 Release Date, Features, Price, and Everything We Know

PS 5 is on its all-time high sales, and gamers have immersive fun from it. At the same time, many tech pundits are speculating the release date of upcoming consoles, including PS6 and PS7.

The gaming trends and technology are rapidly changing with every passing year. It will not be wrong to say that we will experience brand new innovative features in the upcoming gaming consoles like PlayStation 7.

But some questions emerge here: When will the PS7 be released and available for gamers? Which new features and upgrades we may see in it? What is its possible predictable price?

We consistently present tech stuff in as simple a language as possible. And be assured that answers to these questions and many more things are there for your consumption in our today’s article.

So stick around till the end. Let’s dive deeper.

Sony Play Station: Release Date and Speculations

Sony has yet not announced the official release date of PS6, leave alone PS7. But we have a track record of launching dates of PS consoles. And we can easily deduct our desired date from it. Let’s look at the chart of PlayStation Consoles’ release dates.

PS Consoles Release Dates
PS Original1994
PS 22000
PS 32007
PS 42013
PS 52020
PS 62027

So we can see from the above table that Sony releases every new console with a timespan of 6-7 years. It is highly speculated that PS7 will come somewhere in 2033-2034.

Is it Possible that PS7 could come Earlier Than that Speculated Timeline?

Yes, it is possible that Sony can release the PS7 more before our high expectations. There are rumors that PS 6 can come in 2023-2024 and PS7 can come before 2030. There are some reasons behind this reasoning; let’s see them one by one. 

Reason 1: Gaming Trend is Changing Rapidly

We live in such a digital age that things are changing with the pace of bullets. So is true for gaming trends. VR integration is a reality in gaming nowadays.

More and more gamers are switching from traditional consoles to game streaming platforms. Digital games are eating the space of discs. 

So to cater to all these trends, rapid launching of new features and well-updated consoles is inevitable, and for that, you really can’t wait for a 6 to 7 years gap to launch. 

Reason 2: Sony Has Trademarked PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10

It looks stunning that Sony trademarked the names of their upcoming consoles from PS 6 to PS 10 well one year before the launching of PS5. We can say they did it for 3 reasons.

  1. The first reason would be its marketing strategy. Sony wants to create hype for its products long before their launch. It’s not new for them. They did the same for PS4 and PS 5. This means they trademarked PS 4 and PS 5 in 2004. 
  2. Trademarking is mainly done to stop copywriting names. Sony is pretty sure about the success of their upcoming models until the space year 2055. 
  3. Sony has plans to develop and release PS6 and PS7 as early as possible because it can’t bear losses from low sales due to the 6 to 7 years gap in launching new consoles. Because according to some rumors, Sony has refused to release the PS5 Pro shortly.

PS7: Price

The trickiest question is, what will be the price of the most awaited console PS7? It depends on the market factors and timings close to its launching. We can assume two perspectives in this regard.

If Sony follows the past pattern of average $400 to $500 prices of its older consoles, then the price of PS7 should not be more than $800 anyways.

And if PS7 is switched to being just a streaming device rather than a high-powered console, then it should be radically cheaper. Yeah, in that case, Sony can earn extra income from more and more subscriptions.

PS5 Pro Release Date, Price, Specs, rumored

PS7: Expected Features

As said earlier, nothing is officially disclosed regarding anything about PlayStation 7. So whatever we present here as expected features are more accurately our wishlist. 


PS 5 was heavily praised for its design. It suited those gamers who wanted to show their consoles open to anyone present in their rooms. 

Although many gamers admired its futuristic design, many disliked it because of being heavy and carried a lot of shelf space.

So we want to see PS7 as compact as it can easily be taken away into our bags. This means we want the ultraportable design of the upcoming PS7. 

Enhanced Technology

There happened to be times when consoles performed better in gaming than PCs. Nowadays, many PCs, even laptops, are competing with them. 

So we want to see better VR integration, 5G enabling, better graphical quality with ditching discs, and adapting a complete digitized streaming experience in the upcoming PS7.

Other Features

PS7 should support 8K or 16K resolutions. PS7 should be built on modular specs. So we can upgrade them conveniently. 

PS7 should be completely wireless. It should have enough storage to play all heavy games. Its pricings should not be too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Buying PS7 worth it?

The best way to figure out if a PS7 is worth it is to consider a variety of aspects, including your budget, gaming preferences, and overall gaming experience.

If you’re on a tight budget, a less expensive model might be worth considering. Alternatively, if you are a hardcore gamer searching for the ultimate gaming experience, a PS7 is worth the extra money.

How much will PS7 cost?

This is a rumor, as the price of PS7 will depend on various factors, including the time of year, the market conditions, and the manufacturer’s promotional strategies. However, it is safe to say that the price of PS7 will be higher than that of PS6. We expect it should cost under $500.

Is there will be a PS7?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it largely depends on Sony’s future plans for the PlayStation platform. However, if you are looking for a PS6 successor, then the PS7 is likely to be the game console of choice.

The PS7 is rumored to be much more powerful than the current Playstation and includes features such as 8K resolution, virtual reality support, and an updated controller that is said to be more ergonomic. Additionally, it is reported that the console will be released in two different versions – a standard version and a more expensive “Pro” variant.

Although there are no confirmations yet, it is likely that the PS7 will be released in 2030 or later. So, stay tuned!

Final Words

PS 7 is real, and it can come before 2033 anytime due to some reasons mentioned earlier. Its price can be somewhere between $800, or even cheaper.

Some expected features are like our wishlist. Among them are its compact design, digitization, and adoption of upgraded technologies.

Is there a release date for PlayStation 7 yet? We’re still waiting to hear back from Sony on that one. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we hear more!

That’s all for today. If you liked our work, share your experience with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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