Destiny 3 Release Date, Features, Price, and Rumors

Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooting game developed by Bungie and initially published by Activision Blizzard. Later on, Bungie separated Activision Blizzard from Destiny Series in 2019 and became the sole proprietor of it. 

Bungie started developing Destiny in 2010 and with the help of Activision Blizzard released it in September 2014. The next big release was in 2017 with the title Destiny 2. Fans are now hopefully looking for the release of Destiny 3 before 2027. 

Destiny Series is based on a mythic science-fiction setting, Which is 700 years ahead in the future. That period is called the Golden Age because there are massive advancements in technology, and peace and humans have colonized planets of the solar system.

Then suddenly an event known as Collapse occurred, and that event annihilated the Golden Age, and the human race became extinct. Only humans survived were the result of interference of the celestial body Traveler. 

Mysterious force Darkness is said to be the enemy of Traveler and it is the reason behind Collapse. Traveler now hovers around the last safe city on earth, which gives power called Light to the defenders of Last City known as Guardians. 

Players are assigned the roles of Guardians, and they are given the tasks of reviving the Traveler and destroying alien threats present on the planets of the solar system.

Destiny 3 Release Date

Overall, three sources can predict the release date of any project; official announcements, past patterns, rumors, and leaks.

So in the case of the release date of Destiny 3, we have no clear official announcement. What we have is the interview of Bungie director Jacob Buntin. In that interview, he tried to indicate to us the release date of Destiny 3 after 2024; when exactly? It is not clear.

If we look into the past pattern of one of the best PC games Destiny Releases, we had the first game in 2013 and another big one in 2017. So if we go through the pattern of 4 years, we should have destiny 3 in 2021. But the Bungie director has some other plans for the Destiny 2 expansions.

So now comes rumors and speculative sections.

We have some big news about the acquisition of Bungie by Sony in a US $3.6 billion deal. This has changed the game, and because of it, we can predict 2025 as the release date of Destiny 3. Because till that time, Bungie will be free from Destiny 2’s workload and can easily release Matter and Destiny 3 simultaneously.

Destiny Series: Players Activities (PVE & PVP)

In the Destiny Series, players have to complete two types of activities; PVE means player versus environment, and PVP means players versus players. PVE makes the majority of the game. PVP is also called Crucible, consisting of Control, Clash, Rumble, Skirmish, Elimination, Rift, and Supremacy combats.

Players’ Characters and Their Abilities with Subclasses

Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans are the three main player characters. Each of them can be in three species; Humans, Awakens, grayish-blue skinned descendants of Humans, and Exos, which are machines with human consciousness.

Hunters have special abilities of mobility and agility. They have three subclasses; Gunslingers have solar-based powers, Bladedancers have arc-based powers, and Nightstalkers have void-based powers.

Warlocks have unique abilities to be space magicians and melee attacks with offensive and recovery skills. They also have three subclasses; Sunsingers with solar-based abilities, Stormcallers with arc-based abilities, and Voidwalkers with void energy abilities.

Titans are considered space gladiators, mainly famous for tough resistance and heavy damage. They have three subclasses; Strikers have arc-based capabilities, Defenders have void-based capabilities, and Sunbreakers have solar-based capabilities. 

Destiny Series: Character Progression 

In the Destiny Series, characters’ levels and power abilities known as Light are improved by gaining experience points (XE) and better equipment. Strikes, Raids, and In-Game Events are the sources for gaining that equipment.

The Strikes are mainly side missions and thus are not part of the main plot. Strikes are made with the cooperation of three players.

Raid missions are conducted with six players’ cooperation. These missions culminate in wiping out the major Boss of the main plot.

Destiny 3 Release Date Features Price

Players’ Equipment (Weapons & Armours)

Weapons and Armours are the Equipment that Players get due to progression in the Destiny Series. Players can use three types of weapons in the game; primary weapons, secondary or special weapons, and heavy weapons. Each has its damage type. Details are lengthy.

In the Destiny Series, you get six armor products: gauntlets, chest, legs, helmets, artifacts, and class items. Seeing is believing, and words can’t cover the space of experience. So play it and know it better. 

Destiny Series: Races or Enemy Factions

Guardians or players have to eliminate all the threats to humanity posed by different enemy races or factions connected with Darkness. Brief descriptions of some of them are as under.

  1. Fallen possess the technologies of short-range teleportation and cloaking, which speed up their mobility skills.
  2. Hive combats with their counterparts in coming with overwhelming quantities in close distances. Their elite units target from more distances. 
  3. Vex uses tough-light shields, and they teleport their infantry units into battlegrounds in massive amounts. 
  4. Cabal is for heavy armor combat with ballistic shields, and their specialty is jump packs. 
  5. Taken, the most powerful faction is capable of long-range attacks with high mobility skills.
  6. Finally, Devil Splicers have some unpredictable lightning-like shots which can surprise players. 

Does Destiny 3 Exist in Bungie’s Future Plans?

After having some general idea of the game plan of the Destiny Series, it’s time to predict the future possibilities. Right now, the main question is simple: Does Destiny 3 Exist In Bungie’s Future Plans?

But the answer to the question is not as simple as it should be. Bungie has definite plans to continue progress on Destiny 2 for as long as possible, which will likely go to the minimum timeline of 2024.

In 2018 Bungie registered a new IP in Japan, namely Matter, which is rumored to be a different concept than the Destiny Series. Bungie is hiring new staff for it, which was seen from his actions of displaying ads on career portals for recruiting new staff.

So after 2024, Bungie may have two options to work on; Matter or Destiny 3. Hints are that 2025 is the year when Matter will be there for Bungie fans. If it happens and that game is service-based, then Destiny 3 may get further delayed to 2027. 

But in between all of these things, Sony has acquired Bungie for the US $3.6 Billion. Surely this can revive Destiny 3 from non-existence. We will also try to cover some impacts of this acquisition lastly.

Current Status of Destiny 2

Bungie initially had plans for the Destiny Series like those of the release of Call Of Duty. This means it has to release a major title every 4th year with yearly supported content.

But Bungie changed that strategy after its separation from Activision Blizzard in 2019. It then took the way of Fortnite. They are releasing seasonal content with a major yearly chunk without a new game title.

The success of many MMOs clarified a fact. For the gaming industry’s success, you don’t need to have new game titles if you are consistently providing new seasonal content to your gamers.

The same is true for Destiny 2. Recently Bungie released major expansions like Beyond light and Witch Queen, which received positive reviews among the community.

And in the interview with Japanese Gaming Publisher 4gamer, Bungie director Jacob Buntin openly said. Their total focus is now pointed toward making more content for Destiny 2. He said he has to add Lightfall expansion after Witch Queen. And he is intended to even add one more chapter.

This simply directs us to conclude that the Bungie staff is completely engaged with making more content for Destiny 2. And doesn’t have plans for Destiny 3 till 2024, at least.

What’s Bungie’s New IP Matter?

We don’t know much more yet about Bungie’s New IP Matter. But we have some hints that it’s a comedy plus loot, first-person service-based game.

You will see baubles, armors, and weapons well organized in the necromancer’s dungeon.

There were some job postings regarding this project on the career portal of Bungie.

This includes offering posts of Incubation Investment Designer, Incubation Senior Combat Designer, and Incubation Art Director.

They have to perform the responsibilities of helping and managing databases, developing a distribution system, and building their new IP in something comedic with lighthearted and whimsical characters, respectively.

These details never lead our attention toward Destiny 3, and if Bungie is curious to try making new things shortly, you must rest assured that Destiny 3 will not be possible until at least 2027. 

Impacts of Sony’s Acquiring of Bungie

Sony acquired Bungie in Feb 2022 for US $3.6 Billion. Before that acquisition, Bungie had raised the US $250 Million from its investors for its expansion projects, like tripling its studio sizes, making new headquarters in Europe, and hiring fresh talent to work on new different projects.

So we can imagine how much bigger ambitions Bungie had with the just US $350 Million raised fund. Now they have the US $3.6 Billion, a game-changer for Bungie.

They can just do whatever they desire, like hiring many developers, which ultimately helps release Matter and Destiny 3 more often than we can think. We can have chances of better content to see in Destiny 2 expansions as well.

So with that being said, we are clear that Bungie will start work on expansions of destiny 2, making new games of Destiny 3 and Matter simultaneously, and we hope to see these things coming at bullet pace.

Final Words

You read the basic explanation of Destiny Series gameplay. Also, You grasped where Bungie is at the current status for its upcoming projects.

You may have a brief look over what Bungie’s New IP Matter is, and finally, you reached the point that Sony’s Acquiring Of Bungie has changed the whole game.

Having all these things jotted together in one easy guide is worth admiration. Kindly let us know which information gave you value if you think so. We will more than welcome our reader’s views about our work. Thanks for reading.

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