OnePlus 12 Release Date, Price, Specs, and Rumors

The OnePlus 12 phone is getting a lot of attention because people are curious about when it will come out and what it will be like.

Based on past releases, it might first come out in China around December 2023 and then in other countries in early 2024.

Influential people who often have correct information about these things have suggested this. It might cost around $975 globally, more than the OnePlus 11.

This upcoming Oneplus 12 series phone might look similar to the OnePlus 11, with a round camera area and excellent materials like glass and metal. It could come in different colors. The camera could be better, with more features and durability.

The screen might be big and colorful, with clear pictures and videos. The battery might last longer and charge faster, and it might even have wireless charging. People are excited to see what the OnePlus 12 will be like when it’s officially announced.

OnePlus 12: Release Date

People have been guessing and sharing information about when the OnePlus 12 will come out. The article suggests looking at when the company released its earlier phones to get an idea.

In 2022, OnePlus had two launch events: one for China and another for other countries. The same pattern was repeated for the OnePlus 11 in 2023, with a launch in China followed weeks or months later in other countries.

Yogesh Brar and leaker Max Jambor suggested that the OnePlus 12 could launch in China sometime in December 2023.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the exact dates, it is clear from the leaks that the Oneplus upcoming phone could launch in early 2024. Considering the past release pattern, it is expected to launch soon.

OnePlus has not officially announced a launch date for the OnePlus 12. However, we expect the phone to adhere to the same two-event launch strategy as its predecessor models. Sources suggest a potential December 2023 launch in China, with other countries likely to follow in early 2024.

The historical release dates of the OnePlus Series phones:

ModelRelease Date
OnePlus OneApril 2014
OnePlus 2July 2015
OnePlus 3June 2016
OnePlus 5June 2017
OnePlus 6May 2018
OnePlus 7May 2019
OnePlus 8April 2020
OnePlus 9March 2021
OnePlus 10January 2022
OnePlus 11January 2023
OnePlus 12Coming soon…

OnePlus 12: Price

Globally, the OnePlus 12 is expected to be priced at around $975. However, the specific pricing details for the various configurations are yet to be officially confirmed.

OnePlus priced the base model of the OnePlus 11 at $699 and the higher configuration at $799. Because of this, the price of the OnePlus 12 is likely higher than this.

We must wait for the official announcement for the exact pricing details.

Indeed, here’s a table displaying the prices of previous OnePlus Series phones:

OnePlus 8 Pro$899
OnePlus 9 Pro$969
OnePlus 10 Pro$899
OnePlus 11$699

Specifications (Rumored)

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
StorageUp to 256GB UFS 4.0
Battery Capacity5400 mAh
Fast ChargingYes, 100W
Display Size and Type6.7 inches (17.02 cms), AMOLED
Refresh Rate120Hz
Camera(Rear)Triple (50MP + 50MP + 64MP)
DesignCenter-aligned punch-hole, sleek design
ConnectivityDual SIM (5G, 4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.2, NFC
SensorsOn-screen fingerprint, face unlock, various sensors
IP RatingIP68 (water and dust resistance)

OnePlus 12: Design

Image Credit:@OnLeaks via @Smartprix

The OnePlus 12 will look a lot like the OnePlus 11. The leaked photos by a reliable source show a design similar to the previous model.

The rear cameras are in a circular area, and there’s a spot for the alert slider that OnePlus fans love so much. Remember that these photos are of early versions, so the final look may have changed.

The OnePlus 12 will likely be made from premium materials like glass and metal, and you can choose from different colors like black, white, and blue.

Recent leaks also suggest that there could be some changes in the camera department due to the new type of camera. And this time, the OnePlus 12 might be better protected against water and dust than the OnePlus 11.

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OnePlus 12: Display

It is rumored that the OnePlus 12 will be coming with a bigger and more colorful screen. This screen will be 6.7 inches and use a technology called AMOLED. The resolution of the screen will be 1440 x 3216 pixels. Its aspect ratio will also be 20:9.

The display will have a punch hole, and the screen will cover almost the entire front of the phone. Corning Gorilla Glass v5 protection will be used in this. This will have the advantage that the chances of it breaking will reduce.

The OnePlus 12’s screen will also be able to show really bright and detailed colors as it supports 16 million colors. Moreover, the phone’s screen will be able to display high-quality videos and is said to have HDR10+ certification, which enhances its quality even more.

The screen on this upcoming Oneplus smartphone could have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, which means everything will look smoother and more excellent when you use the phone.

Like the OnePlus 11, the OnePlus 12 will likely continue that trend with a higher refresh rate and a 6.7-inch AMOLED display. It will provide an immersive viewing experience with sharp images and smooth animations.

The display of the OnePlus 12 is expected to be one of its standout features, offering a great and immersive viewing experience.

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OnePlus 12 Camera

OnePlus 12 is expected to come with a good camera setup. It can have three cameras at the back for selfies and one at the front. The main back camera will have 50 megapixels and a feature called Optical Image Stabilization, which helps keep the pictures steady.

There could also be a 50-megapixel camera for wide-angle shots and a special 64-megapixel camera with what is said to be a periscope lens. The front camera for selfies can be 32 megapixels.

OnePlus keeps trying different camera styles every year. The OnePlus 12 is expected to feature a high-quality camera system that takes great pictures and videos. However, some changes will likely be before the final version is out.

OnePlus 12: Battery

The OnePlus 12 may have a better battery than the previous phone, which will last longer.

The phone will likely have a big battery called Li-Polymer with a capacity of 5400mAh. This big battery is made to keep you connected throughout the day.

The OnePlus 12 is also likely to support fast charging with 100W capability, which means you can charge the phone quickly.

In addition, there is good news for those who need wireless charging facilities. The OnePlus 12 is rumored to feature wireless charging, a feature missing from the previous OnePlus 11 model.

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly common in phones, and OnePlus is bucking the trend. It’s important to note that wireless charging can be very convenient, allowing you to charge your phone without having to plug in a cable.

Although the wireless charging capability of the OnePlus 12 has yet to be confirmed.

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Final Words

The OnePlus 12 phone is getting lots of attention because people are guessing when it will come out and what it will do.

Looking at how they did it before, the new phone might first come out in China around December 2023 and then in other places a bit later.

People who usually know about these things, like Yogesh Brar and Max Jambor, have said this too. The price might be around $975, more than the last model.

The way it looks, like the cameras and the design, seems similar to the last phone. The OnePlus 12 might use suitable materials and have different colors to pick from.

The camera could be better, and the screen might be bigger and show brighter colors. The battery might last a long time and charge quickly.

It could charge without plugging in a cable. All these guesses excite people for the real news about the OnePlus 12.

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