Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform? Know Everything

These days shooter games are gaining more popularity, and streamers especially love to play them because it’s always been fun to play as well. As viewers also love to watch these types of streams.

Recently Hell Let Loose was released, and soon it became one of the best shooter games in the gaming community. Fans are going crazy about this game. It was released on multiple platforms, so they are curious whether Hell Let Loose is cross-platform.

Read this article to learn more about this game and find all the answers you are looking for regarding the cross-platform features.

Hell Let Loose: An Exciting War Game

If you are looking for a fun World War game where you can shoot tons of soldiers and destroy enemy base camps to win the war, check out Hell Let Loose; I believe you will love it. The game context is simple, kill each soldier who comes across, then capture or protect the flag from the enemies.

The game is based on World War 2, and you are playing a soldier character who fought in the war. You must follow the captain’s orders and then kill many soldiers to complete the missions.

This game offers two types of modes; Offensive mode or Warfare mode. In the offensive mode, you will protect your flag from the enemy, and the Warfare mode is the opposite of the offensive mode, sneak into the enemy base and then capture the flag. I know it sounds so fun and easy, but it is intense. After playing once or twice, you will learn how intense and scary playing is.

I love a few things about this game; the soundtrack and visuals are amazing. During the gameplay, you can hear soldiers’ footsteps, gun firing, and blast sounds from the surroundings.

Hell Let Loose Wiki

Developer:Black Matter Pty Ltd. 
Platform(s):PC (Windows), PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S
Initial Release Date:June 06, 2019  
Metacritic Rating:79
User Score:7.0
Official SiteHell Let Loose

What Platforms Support Hell Let Loose? 

Hell Let Loose was released on many platforms, such as Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Like other fans, you are also curious about the cross-platform features. Yes, this game supports cross-platform features, but this feature is only available for console users.

After hearing this, PC users might get disappointed, but don’t worry; developers will add this feature in the future.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform
Image Credit: Hell Let Loose

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform in 2023?

Yes, Hell Let Loose does support cross-platform features between console players. In 2021, on 18 August, developers officially announced that they would add the cross-platform feature only for console users. There have not been any updates regarding when they will add the cross-play feature for Windows 11, 10, and predecessors.

As per some major publication reports, they might add future cross-platform features for Windows users. For example, let’s say you want to play this game with friends, but you both have different console devices; you have a PS5 device, and your friend has an Xbox Series X device, then you can play together.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platforms between Xbox One and PC?  

Unfortunately, Hell Let Loose does not allow cross-platform capabilities for PC Gamers. That is why Xbox One players cannot compete with PC users.

Everyone should have a console device to play this game with friends because the cross-platform feature is only available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Between PC and PS4?

Hell Let Loose does not support cross-platform features between PC and PS4 devices. Let’s say you want to play this game with a friend, but you can only play together if you have different devices, like a PS4 and a friend’s PC.

We can’t play together; first, the developers didn’t add cross-platform features for PC users. The second reason you can’t play this game on PS4 devices is that it wasn’t released for older console devices.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platforms between Xbox One and PS4?  

Hell Let Loose does not enable cross-platform functionality between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices. This implies that Xbox One and PS4 users cannot play together.

As previously stated, this game is not available for PS4 players, which is one of the reasons you can’t play together.

Between PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Hell Let Loose supports cross-platform functionality on PS5 and Xbox X consoles. If you wish to play this game with friends but have different console devices, such as a PS5, and your friend has an Xbox Series X device, you can still play together and have a good time.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platforms between PS5 and Xbox Series S?  

Hell Let Loose supports cross-platform functionality for PS5 and Xbox S consoles. PS5 gamers can play alongside Xbox Series S players without interruption.

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platforms between PS4 and PS5?  

Sadly, Hell Let Loose doesn’t support the cross-platform features between PS4 and PS5 console devices. It means PS4 players can’t play together with PS5 players, and there are a few reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Play Hell Let Loose on a low-end PC?

Although playing Hell Let Loose on a low-end PC is possible, the gameplay will be slow and choppy. To get the full experience, you’ll need an AMD FX-6300 or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 with at least 2 GB of VRAM.

Install your system’s most recent graphics drivers for the most outstanding performance.

Also, ensure your computer has enough disk space because this game takes approximately 64GB.

You should also configure suitable anti-aliasing settings to smooth textures and increase overall image quality. If this seems too much work, invest in a better gaming rig instead!

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform on Steam?

Yes, Hell Let Loose supports the cross-platform feature on the steam platform regardless of which system players use. It is beneficial for those who have a steam membership.  

When will Developers add the Cross-Platform features for PC?

In 2021, on August-18 “Team Hell Let Loose” tweeted about the cross-platform features; in that post, they also mentioned that for now, they would not add the cross-platform features for PC users, which means there are some chances that in the future they will add the cross-platform features.

Does Hell Let Loose Support Cross-Progression? 

Unfortunately, Hell Let Loose doesn’t support a cross-progression feature, so you can’t access your saved data on a different device. 

Does Hell Let Loose supports Cross-Generation play?

Yes, Hell Let Loose does support cross-generation play, but it is available for a limited number of devices.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed whether Hell Let Loose is cross-platform. After reading this article, you might find all the answers you are looking for; if you have any choirs, feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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