Which Laptop’s Brand Provides International Warranty?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new laptop is the warranty and support. They not only provide you peace of mind in the case of a malfunction or damage, but they may also save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

In this blog article, we’ll go through the many types of warranties available from laptop manufacturers, including domestic, national, and international ones, and the fees associated with each.

We’ll also provide a list of some of the leading laptop brands for providing worldwide warranties. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable laptop warranty, keep reading!

What is a laptop warranty? 

A laptop warranty is a computer protection package that covers accidents, hardware failures, and other issues. So, if something goes wrong while using your laptop, whether it’s an accident or something more serious, ensure you’re covered by getting a notebook with a warranty.

When purchasing a laptop, it is essential to know the sort of warranty provided.

Most major laptop manufacturers provide at least one kind of warranty –

1 year for a laptop and

6 months for accessories and battery

Some laptop brands have a 3-year warranty, while others have a 1-year or extended warranty.

Extend Warranty 

Many laptop brands have an extended warranty policy, so deciding which one offers the best warranty can take time and effort.

Some of the premium brands, such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc., offer 2-3 types of the extended warranty, such as-

  • 1-4 years of Onsite Support
  • 1-4 Year Premium Support
  • 1-4 year Accidental Damage Service

If you have any questions about your warranty or need help finding coverage, don’t hesitate to contact the laptop brand’s customer service.

What is International Warranty Services (IWS) 

Various brands provide international warranty services (IWS) to laptop users. This service supports resolving issues arising from using the laptop outside the country of purchase.

The IWS covers hardware and software problems and may be obtained directly by the consumer or the merchant where the laptop was purchased. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other well-known laptop manufacturers provide this service.

IWS extremely benefits consumers who travel internationally frequently and those who wish to purchase a laptop from another country.

Asians, excluding China, and Africans, like to buy laptops from nations such as the United States of America since the prices are pretty low. International warranty services (IWS) will significantly help those buyers.

Which Brand Has The International Laptop Warranty? 

A computer is a significant investment, and you should ensure that the manufacturer you select has an excellent international warranty. There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a new device, including the brand’s global service.

Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, and Samsung are some of the most well-known laptop companies with good international warranties.


Acer is a well-known laptop manufacturer with an excellent guarantee policy. Many Acer laptops have trendy two-tone finishes, with a golden lid and a silvery base. Acer’s entire equity was valued at $61.9 billion a few days ago.

They provide laptops with international warranties and have many service facilities in almost every region.

Acer has gone a long way in terms of service centers and also gives a welcoming solution. They create several categories, such as gaming, business, and student-related items, that are available at a low cost.

International Warranty Duration: 

  • 1 year for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Acer.com


Apple’s MacBook Air and Pro series is a well-known series that manufactures some of the world’s best-selling laptops.

Furthermore, all Apple goods come with at least a one-year limited warranty (except for batteries). This ensures that you can resolve any issues with your purchase within this period.

People in countries where Apple products are not manufactured go out to buy at a low price. For example, if someone in India or Indonesia wants to buy a Macbook, they would likely go to the United States or Dubai to get a laptop with an international warranty at a reasonable price.

Many consumers need clarification about the warranties on their laptops and how to obtain a service plan if necessary. Fortunately, Apple provides a variety of warranties for its gadgets, ranging from hardware warranties to service contracts.

  • 1 year for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Apple.com

Dell Laptops Warranty


Dell is a well-known brand in the laptop industry, with high-quality goods and excellent customer service.

This brand is not only well-known for its products, but it is also well-equipped to give service, and anybody with a laptop will fix it as quickly as possible. Dell’s service centers may be found in every country.

Dell provides an international warranty, accidental damage production, and several other benefits, such as an extended warranty, premium care, and so on, giving you total peace of mind.

  • 1-3 years for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Dell.com


HP laptops offer a wide selection of notebooks with warranties, including batteries and accessories.

Customers can expect a replacement or a complete refund if dissatisfied with a product. Furthermore, they have a fantastic track record in customer satisfaction, indicating that most clients are satisfied with the services offered by HP.

HP also provides a one-year warranty on most laptops and a six-month warranty on batteries and accessories.

Most countries have HP service centers where you may get your computer fixed even if you are not in your country.

1-2 years for Laptop

6 months for battery and other accessories

Official Site: HP.com


Lenovo has been known for decades for innovating and high-quality products, and it has dominated the laptop industry because it concentrates on giving exceptional quality warranties, support, and service.

One excellent example is their warranty policy: not only does Lenovo cover hardware concerns, but they also provide a 2-year warranty on laptops purchased from them.

Furthermore, all Lenovo laptops come with a 3-month worldwide guarantee covering accidental damage and flaws in the equipment.

Lenovo’s Service Center will be available in most nations, but you must verify the city center by visiting the official site to see if it is in your region. If this does not occur, you can seek it using chatting.

  • 1-3 years for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Lenovo.com


Samsung is a well-known and popular laptop brand in South Asia and the United States. They provide an excellent guarantee on their items that covers more than 150 countries worldwide. If your laptop malfunctions within the warranty term, you can get it fixed or replaced for free.

However, because Samsung laptops are only available in some nations, there will be no service facility in that country. You must identify whether or not your nation has a service center.

In addition, if you have had your Samsung laptop for less than two years, you are eligible for a complete refund (within 14 days of purchase).

  • 1 year for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Samsung.com


ASUS is a well-known and trusted brand. Furthermore, their warranties are broad and cover various product problems for up to one year from the date of purchase.

Asus also provides an International Warranty on a limited number of models. So, before you buy, you need to know which products come with International Warranty. ASUS’ warranty and service are narrower than those of premium manufacturers like Apple and Dell, but if you take it worldwide.

  • 1 year for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Asus.com

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LG is one of the world’s most popular laptop brands thanks to its high-quality products, warranties, and customer service. They provide several different laptops, particularly for businesses and students, with varying specifications and pricing to suit any budget.

LG laptops are not widely popular and have yet to join the gaming market.

Not only do they cover hardware faults, but they also offer an accidental damage warranty. Furthermore, LG has a 14-day return policy, allowing you to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase before having it delivered to your house!

The international computer warranty, previously limited to only a few nations, has now been expanded to include 24 countries.

  • 1-2 years for Laptop
  • 6 months for battery and other accessories
  • Official Site: Lg.com

Final Words

Because laptops are essential purchases, it’s important to research which notebook companies have an international warranty. You can decide on which laptop to buy if you understand the various types of warranties and their costs.


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