How to Remove Sticker Residue from Laptop? [100% Fix]

Stickers advertising the laptop’s specifications and features may attract attention in the stores being displayed but are no more necessary when the laptop is purchased.

Suppose somehow we get our hands on that sticker and it is either mistakenly or intentionally removed.

In that case, it leaves behind a sticky, very annoying gluey type residue that feels very difficult to remove and even makes the laptop’s surface much worse and keeps on expanding, leaving behind the rough and sticky surface of your laptop and becoming a nuisance extremely.

Whether your laptop is gaming, traditional, or a business laptop, they all have stickers.

To remove this residue, you should know what products or techniques can be fruitful. Fortunately, many common household products can be used easily without leaving marks or discoloration of any glassy or mate surface, or some products may have to be bought.

Nonetheless, whichever method you use, you are assured of getting this sticky residue removed after reading this brief and comprehensive article.

Steps To Removing Stickers From Laptops

Before removing this sticky residue from the laptop, there is always one thing to be remembered, i.e., you should be doing it the right way, and the right way helps us get sticky material off with less work to do.

Firstly, if the sticker is new on the laptop, it may not cause much trouble, but if it has been put on the laptop for a long time, like 2 or 3 years, it may take great care because this may leave dirty, sticky scrap behind. Now start removing that residue with one of the following ways below.

Don’t hesitate to try different methods if one doesn’t work.

1. Removing residue with hot water and fine cloth

The easiest way to remove the residue is to dampen a soft microfiber cloth in hot water, gently rub the dampen moist cloth over the residue and start collecting on the cloth.

2. Removing sticker residue off with dish soap

Dishwashing liquid or soap with grease-fighting abilities is a great way to get sticker residue off the laptop. Dish soap is beneficial for stickers that have been recently removed.

Dampen the soft cloth with hot water and squeeze it. Now add grease-fighting soap onto that dampened cloth. Start scrubbing the residue gently with the soapy cloth until it lifts off. Now, use tissue paper to get the surface dried.

3. Use of alcohol for removing residue

If the laptop surface is covered with nasty sticker residue and duct tape residue, this needs a more comprehensive cleaning solution.

Rubbing alcohol is very effective for removing stickiness from various surfaces like a laptop screen, keyboard, and super glue stain.

CAUTION: Unplug and properly shut down the laptop, or it is even better to remove the laptop’s battery before dealing with liquids so you may not get yourself shocked or damage your electronics.

Apply 90% rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth and start scrubbing. If you do not have to rub alcohol, nail polish remover will be an excellent replacement. A 1-to-1 mixture of vinegar and warm water may also work well

4. Use of oil for removing sticky residue

Using oil is also the best way to remove sticker residue—all oils like vegetable oil, palm oil, and olive oil work.

Pour a drop of oil on the sticky surface and let it be on that surface for 10 minutes. Now use the fabric cloth to lift the residue until all stickiness lifts into the fabric cloth.

5. Markets products for removing sticker glue

If you are not assured of which method will work or want a quick and more easy way to get rid of this problem, you may move on to factory-made products that may prove very convenient for you. MR. Magic eraser and goo went work well for the laptop sticker residue, and most people don’t realize this.

Go and purchase either goo gone or MR. Clean magic eraser. Both of these products are excellent for removing tough, sticky strains or glue from any surface or your laptop. Pour goo gone onto that surface and gently scrub the area in a circular motion. After some time, the adhesive starts to lift and is wiped away easily.

For using MR. Magic wet it and scrub the desired spot until it is clean.

Caution: make sure to read the directions mentioned on the product before using it and use preventive measures for protecting your skin and hands by using rubber gloves.

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Precautions To Be Taken Before Sticker Residue off Laptop

If you must remove stickers from your laptop, you should take precautions.

#1. You should avoid rubbing the surface of your laptop with stickers. It can cause scratches on the laptop’s surface, and the scratched parts are difficult to remove.

#2. When removing the sticker from the laptop, make sure you don’t use any solvent on the sticker. Most of these fluids contain silicone, which is good to avoid as it can damage the laptop. If the oil doesn’t come off, you shouldn’t use any solvents on the laptop.

#3. You should avoid solvents as they can damage your laptop. To avoid damaging your computer, you should use non-toxic products when removing stickers.

#4. Another precaution to take when removing stickers from your laptop is not to use any liquids or oils on the stickers. These liquids can cause the laptop to discolor.

#5. When removing the sticker from the laptop, make sure to unplug it before removing it. Remember that liquids and electronics don’t mix well, so don’t be too aggressive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to remove stickers from MacBook?

Adhesive stickers can leave residue on your MacBook that can be easily removed. Using a damp cloth can help you remove the sticker. However, if you can’t get the sticker out in one go, you can use a mild baking soda solution.

If you can’t remove the sticker with a microfiber cloth, you can also try scratching it with your fingernail. After removing the sticker, clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Q2: How do I get removed a pre-owned laptop with markings?

Try scrubbing that residue with rubbing alcohol and make sure not to spill on your keyboard.

Q3: My laptop has had a sticker on it for many years. What can I do?

Take it off slowly and it will surely leave off residue. To remove the residue left, use either goo gone or MR. Eraser

Q4: Should I leave the stickers that specify the model, driver’s hardware, etc,?

It is recommended not to get this removed if in case you have to repair your laptop this might prove useful information.

Q5: How to remove sticker residue off my laptop screen?

As mentioned in one of the above procedures, rubbing alcohol may be useful for this purpose.

Q6: Can I remove the sticker and keep the sticky part and re-stick it in some other place?

This may be difficult because the next time you re-stick it this may lose its stickiness and you may have to re-stick it with glue or some other material.

Final Words

Even though the stickers may add beauty to our laptops and other electronics, if you don’t like them anymore and have decided to remove them, you can certainly use one of the above methods described for removing the sticker gluey residue left over.

Hopefully, this article helped you a lot. Knowing how to get rid of annoying sticker residue is a skill that you may be able to use for the rest of your life or may pass this technique to your friends and family.

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