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How to Rotate the Screen on Chromebook? Step by Step Guide

Chromebooks are budget-friendly laptop which has Google operating system. It is completely different from Windows or macOS operating systems. There are ...

Here’s How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows

Are you also a windows user and want to enable dark mode? Then you might be familiar with Microsoft's dark and light modes features. Recently Cnet ...

Here’s How to Fix a Slow Dell Laptop on Windows

Do you have trouble working on a laptop because it runs slowly? Then don't be worried. In this post, we will discuss many methods for improving the ...

How to Unlink Instagram From Facebook?

These days, most users link their Facebook and Instagram accounts together because it’s easier to access and share content on multiple platforms. Recently ...

How to Find Graphics Card Serial Number?

Nowadays, the graphics card has become an essential part of a computer, and it can handle some intense tasks like image processing and video rendering. If you ...

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