Payday 3 Release Date, Price, and Everything We Know

Payday 3 is an upcoming game in the first-person shooting action genre. Gamers still like its predecessor Payday 2, which was launched a decade ago in 2013.

Overkill Software is developing Payday 3. Starbreeze and Koch Media are publishing partners of it. It is going to be built on Unreal Engine 5. After release, It will be available on all platforms, including Linux, Windows, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

Payday 3 is all set to release anytime in 2023. It has continued the heist story theme with new advancements. There is a slight change of location in the upcoming game. And yeah, the characters are the same, but they will be presented in more advanced roles.

All the things and topics will be covered in today’s article, including Payday 3 Release Date, Story, Location, Characters, and everything you need to know. So stay tuned to get relevant and authentic stuff as quickly as possible.

Payday 3: Release Date

In October 2019, Starbreeze officially announced that they had succeeded in reconstructing their company. Now, they are moving towards a publisher agreement with a partner company to start work on Payday 3. They also gave a timeline of the possible release of Payday 3 from 2022 to 2023.

Payday 3: Delays Due To Pandemic

The year 2020 witnessed a massive hit of global pandemic scenarios. Starbreeze was not getting a partner company for the publishing agreement during that year. That became the reason for delays in the production of Payday 3.

To overcome this situation, Starbreeze slightly changed its strategy. Also, it sold 9.1% of company holdings and shares to get the equity of 5 million dollars. This deal also translates into selling 29% voting rights of the company.

Payday 3: Latest Updates


In 2015 after the success of Payday 2, Starbreeze bought all the film rights to Payday. Also, it became the sole owner and decision-maker of the Payday franchise and IP.

In 2017 Starbreeze initially mentioned its plans to work on Payday 3. They clearly said to fans that they don’t need to rush towards payday 3. They have enough game developers, and they are intended to make it as advanced in graphics and visuals as needed.

In 2018 Starbreeze was short of its liquidity, and it had to reconstruct its company. They planned to assess their assets and tried to fetch credits on their behalf. So starting the development process of Payday 3 was not like lying on a bed of roses at that time.

Image Credit: Starbreeze

Overkill Software

In April 2019 subsidiary of Starbreeze, Overkill Software made an official announcement regarding Payday 3. They released a YouTube video on 1st April 2019 announcing its release, which was nothing but an April fool joke. So it was disliked by many fans.

Koch Media

In March 2021, Starbreeze finalized a publishing agreement with Koch Media. They simply partnered with it to launch payday 3 as soon as possible. Starbreeze also officially announced the confirmed release date of Payday 3 in 2023. Before that announcement, it was from 2022 to 2023.

It was also announced that the game will be available simultaneously on PCs and Consoles in 2023. They said in their final comments that they are making additional content and functionalities long beyond the original release dates.

Unreal Engine 5

X (Twitter) further announced that Payday 3 would be made on Unreal Engine 5. It is worth noting that Payday 2 was built on a Diesel 2.0 Engine. This shift will result in a massive update in the graphics department.

Payday 3: 10th Anniversary Live Stream Event

In October 2021, there was an event titled Payday 10th Anniversary Live Stream. At that event, the gaming director at Starbreeze, Mr. Eric Wonnevi, was invited to talk about Payday 3. He has been working on Payday 3 since January 2021.

He, in this event, disclosed mostly everything about Payday 3. There he discussed the game story, characters, location, and all updates of Payday 3 in approximately a 3-hours long live session.

Payday 3: Story

He said Payday 3 had continued its Payday 2 story. It starts from where all four characters return to their normal life abandoning crimes. In Payday 3, again, they are forced to join a world of heists and crimes by powerful enemies.

But the new theme of this story is that they are entering a global digital world. Here they have to face many software giants. They had to counter the challenges of cryptocurrency and mass surveillance. The story theme also reflects the networking of dark web criminals.

So this new theme will be exciting as how the developers are depicting new gadgetry, technologies, and opportunities. This will be worth watching. Let’s move on to the characters.

Payday 3: Characters

Characters in Payday 3 are all the same 4 that were presented in Payday 2. Namely, Dallas, Chains, Hoxton and Wolf were just looking a little better in new artwork shown in the 10th Anniversary Live Stream Event of Payday.

Payday 3: Location 

Eric Wonnevi announced that the location chosen for Payday 3 is a living and breathing fantasy of New York. Two more pieces of artwork were displayed at that event, showing Gold and Shark Incorporate Bank.

The artwork also showed 4 characters with police patrolling and their fighting scene with smoke graphics. It is also worth mentioning that the location of Payday 2 was Washington DC. In contrast, the location of the original Payday was Miami.

How can I play Payday 3 on PC?

Payday 3 is an entertaining game on your PC, but getting started might not be easy.

  • To begin, go to the Steam website and download the game.
  • You’ll need to install the Steam client after downloading the game.
  • After that, you must create an account and log in.
  • After checking in, go to the “Games” menu and choose “Payday 3.”
  • After that, you’ll be able to choose your platform – PC or PS4 – and begin playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much will the game cost when payday 3 comes out?

This is a challenging question because the game’s price varies based on your platform and region. Xbox One, PS4, and PC are some of the most popular platforms supporting Payday 3. Furthermore, the game’s price will vary based on your location; for example, in the United States, it may cost $40-$80.

Q2. When is the Payday 3 shooting game coming?

The payday 3 fps game is coming soon! Keep an eye out for our announcement, and join the discussion on our social media channels to be the first to know.

Q3. Is payday 3 going to be cross-platform?

Payday 3 will be cross-platform, which means you’ll be able to play it on a computer, mobile device, or console. The game’s creators are also working on a new feature that will allow players to start their own businesses and compete against other gamers worldwide.

Final Words

Finally, the day has come! After years of speculation and build-up, Payday 3 is all set to release next year on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Developed by Overkill Software in accordance with the Unreal Engine 5 technology, it promises hours ofAction-packed gameplay.

Starbreeze and Koch Media are publishing partners, thus giving players access to a wide range of titles on different platforms. Keep an eye out for more updates as we get closer to its release date!

We more than welcome our reader’s views about our work regarding tech and gaming. Thanks for reading.

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