HP vs MSI: Best Laptop Brand in 2023

Choosing the right computing brand can be daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled this detailed comparison of the best HP and MSI brands.

2023 is about Upgrades, Innovations, and Aesthetic Designs for Laptop Brands. No doubt Hewlett Packard and Micro-Star International are renowned Brands for Laptop manufacturing. Preferring between both is a difficult task but possible.

We will put 3 Simple Reasons To Consider 2023’s Better Laptop Brand here. They are your choices, and You can opt for a Better Gaming or Business Laptop from HP or MSI. You can compare here both companies’ salient features.

Basic Introduction Of Both Laptop Brands

HP: Reliable PC Brand

Hewlett-Packard is comparably the oldest Laptop Brand. It has a huge customer base for its Gaming and Professional products. HP is a better choice for reliable PC users.

HP’s recent annual revenue was around $52 billion. This shows how popular its Laptop products are among students and other users.

HP is not considered the ultimate choice for Laptop customers. But it has around 21% global market share in this arena. It has some latest Laptops that are beating its rivals in Performance, Speed, and Innovation in 2022.

MSI: Gaming Beast

MSI is another top Laptop Brand to consider in 2023 for gaming and multitasking purposes. We all know it’s heavily led in the Gaming sphere. But it still needs to catch up in Workstations or Business Laptop Series. 

MSI heavily invests in Innovating and launching different specs for Gaming Laptops. Which sometimes looks risky. But its attraction makes these developments commercially successful. You need to see a budget offer here. All MSI Laptop products are expensive, and they are worth it. 

MSI is older than HP. It is just 36 years old. In 1986 it was based in Taiwan. Since then, it has become a giant in the Gaming Industry. MSI is the sixth vendor in PC shipments.

3 Main Reasons To Consider 2023’s Better Laptop Brand

Comparing HP with MSI becomes simplified when we grasp the main ideas. These main ideas revolve around consideration and choices.

What would you likely have if you saw both brands as?

  1. Gaming
  2. Business
  3. Brand’s Salient Features.

1# HP vs MSI: Gaming

HP as A Gaming PC

Usually, Gaming Computer comes under two categories; high-end Gaming and low-end Gaming.

HP Omen Series is famous for high-end Gaming. At the same time, HP Pavilion Laptop Series is known for low-end Gaming.

Why is HP Omen considered a king among the Gaming Laptop Series?

The HP Omen is considered a king among the Gaming Laptop Series Because of its latest and most powerful processor, which clocks at a fantastic base speed of 4.0+ GHz. HP Omen’s Latest Laptops are powered with these configurations.

  1. Storage capacity from 512GB SSD to 2TB SSD or HDD.
  2. RAM from 16GB to 64GB.
  3. Screen Display size 15.6″ comes with 4K and Anti-Glare coatings. 
  4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 to RTX 3080 provides a gaming experience in the highest settings.

Specs of HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion series computer is a little cheaper than the HP Omen series. It is more affordable and gives you lower configurations than Omen Laptop Series. But it’s highly recommended even for games like PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc.

Some of its specs are.

  1. Powered with the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processor
  2. You get a unique graphics card of the GTX 1650 Ti to RTX 2070.
  3. Storage Capacity in this series contains 256GB SSD to 1 TB HDD or SSD storage. 
  4. Costs are usually between the $700-$1200 mark. 

MSI As A Gaming Laptop Brand

MSI is well known for producing Gaming Laptops. Be it a higher-end product or a lower-end. MSI just crushed its competitors in this specific field with various products. You can see many different categories in its Gaming lineups. They offer one of the most expensive gaming laptops globally.

We will only disclose some of these MSI Gaming Laptop Series specs here. But we will identify the best configurations in the newest MSI Gaming Laptops.

  1. The stunning appearance of core i9 CPUs.
  2.  Most powerful GPUs of RTX 3070 and RTX 3080.
  3.  4K UHD Displays will mesmerize your eyes and sight.
  4.  Keyboards are sophisticated with Per-key RGB lighting with thunderbolt 3 specs. 
  5.  Best connectivity through 4.5 Gbps LAN ports.
  6.  Flagship Laptops of MSI G Series are stunningly quieter, cooler, and faster. 

2# HP vs. MSI as Business Computer

HP As A Business Laptop Brand

Those who go with Business Laptops are ideally looking for stylish and classic finishes in their Laptops and extra security features. Generally, these features remain absent in Gaming Laptops. HP Business Laptops are all about your classic Design with additional security. You can see these configurations in its newest Business Laptops.

  1. The fastest processor in its class is the 11th generation i5 or i7. It clocks at an incredible speed of 4.0-5.0GHz. 
  2.  16GB RAM with 1TB SSD gives your Business Laptops wings to fly as high as you wish. 
  3.  A Dedicated 4GB of GeForce series graphics card also gives you room for light Gaming pleasure. 
  4.  You get a purchase-free 3-year McAfee Internet Security deal. 
  5.  Microphones and Webcams of HP will not let you regret audio and sound quality, which is intolerable in official Zoom Meetings. 
  6.  You get clarity with 15.6-inch or 17.3-inch Full HD Displays. You would love to enjoy movies on it when you get bored.

MSI As A Business Laptop Brand

MSI has three Laptop Series that come under the Business Laptop Series. They are MSI Summit, MSI Prestige, and MSI Modern Series of Laptops. We know the pandemic has increased customers’ needs for portable and work-from-home Laptops. MSI worked on that market trend and launched its Business Laptops with these configurations. 

  1. You get advanced protective layers like IR Camera, TPM 2.0, SD Card Lock, and fingerprint reader. 
  2.  Here you get the latest and fastest 11th-generation Intel processor. MSI claims it is 20% faster than earlier processors. 
  3.  You get here a brand new graphics option of Intel Iris Xe graphics. No doubt, it’s three times faster than its predecessor. 
  4.  You get newer technologies like USB 4.0 with Thunderbolt 4, PCIe Generation 4 SSD, and noise-cancellation features. 
  5.  You get unique color sets for your desired Business Laptops. New colors include pure white, urban silver, bluestone, rose pink and beige mousse.
  6.  Some MSI’s latest Laptops offer time-saving features like quicker login, fast WiFi connection, and instant wake.
  7.  Some thinner MSI Laptops are all-aluminum built with modern chassis.

3# MSI vs. HP: Salient Features

These Salient Features include Cooling, Design, Display, Value For Money, Customer Support and Warranties, and Pros and Cons. Finally, you will reach the answer to the question. Which laptop Brand is better to consider in HP vs. MSI in 2023?

Comparison of Salient Features of Both Brands


Some HP Laptops come with CoolSense Technology. This technology automatically enhances the laptop’s performance by adjusting the speed of the fans. HP claims this software can specify your preferences about Cooling systems.

While reading about the cooling performance of HP, I got many negative results on Quora. Many said on such platforms that HP manufacturers must add value to their Designs to tackle heating issues. That’s why many HP Laptops face thermo-throttle issues. 

MSI Laptops have 2x better Cooling systems Because they possess 11 heat pipes with 4 fans. MSI Laptops contain aluminum die-casting alloy plates and CNC-polished copper blocks. These things help transfer heat to Cooling systems. Ultimately your laptop gets more durability.


Design is as necessary as any feature for a Brand’s success in the Laptop market. HP strived hard in the Design domain to remain in the Laptop market. HP Envy and Spectre are the authentic Designs you would like to see. There are many attractive 2-in-1 convertibles in the HP Laptop Series. Overall, HP is improving in this Design department. 

While MSI, on the other hand, could be better in design features. Many beastly, elegant, futuristic Gaming Laptop Designs exist under the MSI umbrella. It’s worth mentioning that MSI Stealth GS75 is the world’s smallest laptop to enable a 17.3-inch Display. Having fun with a bigger Display with a minimum lightweight device is a miracle. 


Screen quality and refresh rate are analyzed under the Display category. HP offers all-size Displays from 13 to 17 inches. Very few HP Laptops are equipped with ultrawide 4K. Others most HP Laptops are 1080 with good-quality color gradings. HP Omen leads in this field.

MSI is also not far ahead in the Display Department, and You get Display sizes here from 15.6″ to 17.3″. You get 4K resolutions here, suitable for watching movies and gaming.

MSI Titan Laptop Series has the best refresh rate of 240 GHz. Other MSI Laptops come with a 144 GHz refresh rate. That is simply better than cheaper alternatives which have 120 or 60GHz. 

Value For Money

You get all the products for the best value for money in the HP Laptop Series range. Because HP has some fine convertible 2-in-1s, working notebooks, high-end workstations, Gaming, and fanless Laptops. HP’s high-end Laptops Series like Omen, Spectre, and Envy are worth the best value for their money. They are excellent in performance. 

We know MSI needs to learn about budget finders. MSI means expensive. There is so much room and variety for gamers. From $2000 to $4500, you get MSI Titan, Raider, and Stealth Series Laptops. You get many mid-range MSI Laptops that come between $1000 to $2000 thresholds. MSI GF63 is available at less than the $700 mark. 

Customer Support

When discussing Customer Support, we mean one of the few resources. Like contact for queries or issues on websites, chatbots, virtual assistants, social media, and the phone. HP has overall better Customer Support. However, there is a downtrend in services. In HP, you get a 3-year standard or comprehensive warranty for serious protection of your newly bought laptop. 

  1. MSI looks very bad in Customer Support. All their efforts are strived at inventing gaming specs for their Laptops. It is difficult to navigate websites for any problem—poor connectivity on social media. If you choose MSI Support, you can’t wait days to solve your hacks. They should invest in this sector. The best thing about their warranty is they offer a one-year accidental protection warranty, which other Laptop Brands do not see. This could be a deal-breaker feature. 

Pros and Cons 

HP Pros
  • You get Laptops in all price ranges. 
  • Its overall Customer Support is better.
  • HP offers a 3 years standard warranty. 
  • Its market share is more than 21%.
  • High-end expensive Laptops have Ultrawide 4K resolutions with higher refresh rates.
  • You get the many thinnest possible 2-in-1 convertibles. 
HP Cons
  • Except for a few high-end Laptops, the Designs of most Laptops are not so impressive. 
  • So is its hardware durability.
  • Selected models have inconsistent battery life. 
MSI Pros
  • MSI is well known for its massive processing power. 
  • Build quality is superb.
  • You get terrific sets of trackers and sensors. 
  • Proven solid customer base in the gaming community.
MSI Cons
  • Poor Customer Support.
  • Expensive pricings.
  • There is no variety in Designs. 


Final Words

After writing all these things, my opinion will also be in points.

  1. MSI is better than HP as a Gaming Laptop Brand.
  2.  MSI and HP both are around equal in the Business Category.  
  3.  MSI wins in the Cooling feature.
  4.  HP and MSI are both balanced in the Design department.
  5.  MSI leads in offering Displays.
  6.  HP is better if you are seeking normal price ranges. MSI is worth its money for the value it offers.
  7.  HP is far ahead in the criteria of Customer Support.
  8. Choose what your needs deserve. With our recommendations, HP is better in durability and customer support. But MSI still needs to catch up in functionality. If you want to have a Business Laptop, go with HP. And you must recognize MSI if you are searching for a Gaming Laptop.

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